Tonya Harding loves “Erica” from Electric Ribbon- “Bird” MV

Wow. Turns out there is a J-duo called Tonya Harding and they really love “Erica.” She’s a chic from the group Electric Ribbon. She might look good in a bikini, but she can also sing. So put all three together and you get Tonya Harding loves “Erica” and the super single “Bird.”

The song is quite an upbeat jazzy number that sounds like a Ben Folds Five track with cool piano vibes. The video is a glorious look at Erica. From jogging outfits, to bikini romps in kid’s inflatable pools and lots of exercise poses, you’ll get a lot to ogle at. Yet don’t let that detract from the fact, “Bird” is actually a cool ass song. The harmonies and “ooh ooh oohs” are superb.

Seek out this single on 11.25.2015 at CDJapan.

Visit Tonya Harding’s website (the band not the crazy ice skater) and get more details. Most importantly, follow Erica on twitter. You can see her awesome instagram videos from her bathtub. Also check out Electric Ribbon’s website too.

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