Saigo Yosuke- “Kare” MV

Girls talk. You’ll never be privy to their conversations, but you can watch their hand movements and facial expressions and try to see what’s going on. That’s kind of the way we the viewers see the three girls in the new Saigo Yosuke video for “Kare.”

You hone in on the girl with the smile. She’s animated and cute and it takes a good while before she makes contact with you, but by then you’re halfway through a love ballad that might make you cry. So make sure you dry your eyes before she connects.

Saigo Yosuke’s soft vocals over piano makes for a lovely single, but there are some lighter moments with sparkly chimes and a meowing guitar solo. “Kare” is just plain nice.

Saigo Yosuke’s new album Jet Coaster Drive takes off on 11.25.2015 at CDJapan.

Get all the info you need over at Saigo Yosuke’s official website.


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