The thoughts and words expressed on this blog are my own and not to be confused with anyone else’s. Therefore do not attempt to pursue anyone else for my words. This is purely a blog of love and my thoughts on everything awesome. Can’t you just be awesome too?

I will not accept responsibility for comments left by other visitors, but I will try my best to monitor those comments to take out anything nasty.

Just to cover all my bases, the images I use on this blog are mostly screencaps from the video highlighted, and sometimes they come from the website I’m highlighting in each post and I wish only to talk about said content (usually in a positive “check out this cool website” link) and hopefully this falls under the fair use policy implemented on the internet. I am not a lawyer nor do I possess mackdaddy copyright policy skills. I am only writing these little things as a hobby  and want some type of illustration to make it easier for you the reader to see what the article is about.

For some reason if you do not like that I have linked to your page or have taken some of your imagery for journalistic purposes and failed to credit you as a source, please email me as I will certainly do whatever is necessary to rectify the situation by either 1) deleting said post or 2) installing a proper credit/source.

This site is entirely for fun and if anything it exists to drive traffic to YOUR websites.  Email me at intheneaux@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “disclaimer

  1. Hello!
    I happened to find your site while I was looking for something completely different lol It’s really awesome, I love it & have been looking for another wordpress blog that shares the same concept as us. I’d really like to be friends/partners with you. E-mail me if you’re interested! (loveasiamusic@gmail.com)
    Hope to hear from you, adding you to favorites lol


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