Video Pantsu: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- “Mondai Girl” MV short

So who is your fav? Paparrazzi Fashion Kyary or Sci-fi goth Kyary. I’m leaning towards Sci-fi  emo goth girl. Kinda looks like one of the Olsen twins. There really is so much to process after watching one of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s videos, and “Mondai Girl” is no exception.

We get a lot of cool visuals for an MV short, enough that you’ll want to beam your head into the internet for the full MV “coming soon.” There seems to be a theme of computer connectivity, either thru virtual reality or alien satellite.

This song is the theme to the TV show “Mondai no Aru Restaurant.”

Love the puppet alien. Love the cameramen paparazzi that remind me of Power Ranger bad guys. Love that her 10th single is coming out on 3.18.2015 at CDJapan.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Facebook page has lots of news as well as her official website.


Mayu Ogawa- “odyssey” MV + Day Break Day digest

Take the train and travel on an “odyssey” with Mayu Ogawa. This lovely single was released as part of a double A track 『光の船 / odyssey』 in April of 2014.

This singer/songwriter’s voice reminds me of Sebastian X, and the music definitely has an alt-pop feel. I’m assuming this video was bumped by strobe records youtube channel because Mayu Ogawa has a new album slated for 3.4.2015.

Just check Mayu Ogawa’s discography page to confirm. I did. Day Break Day is the name of the album and you can hear more song samples in this video digest below:

SOUTHERN FAMOUS- “シーソーゲーム” MV feat. A.J

Dealing with a sick child and having to help that child with a school project before going into work late because of all the snow is not what I would call a “perfect day.”  I think SOUTHERN FAMOUS and his crew might have better luck, because they are able to play the “seesaw game” in “シーソーゲーム” and you can hear about their own idea of a perfect day.

SOUTHERN FAMOUS along with A.J lay down the track with quick fire rhymes and a bouncey chorus that easy to learn and wil’ out with.

So throw them ‘bows over the rattling percussion beats and look out for Southern Famous new mix Man of the Year Vol 1 out 2015.3.5 on clux.

Follow SOUTHERN FAMOUS on twitter.



Video Pantsu: Hanae- “S-T-A-R-S” MV short

Whet your appetite on Hanae’s R&B smooth “S-T-A-R-S” music video short.

It’s slow rap jams with a catchy chorus ultimately playing on how cute Hanae really is. Yes, this is good.That pretty in punk sweatshirt is aces, as well. Plus that barbwire necklace is dangerously hot.

Expect Hanae’s Universal release of the album Jokyo Shoko to drop on 3.4.2015 at CDJapan.

Check out the picture framed gallery at Hanae’s official website.

Kazuya Kikuchi- “Seiko Made no Michinori” MV

It’s those beats that keep “Seiko Made no Michinori” so fresh. Kazuya Kikuchi features Kikuchi Naruyoshi on this track and it’s softer rap that lets the percussion fill you up.

Seriously dope beats with some sped up chipmunk back vocals to bring back that late 90’s rap sound. Expect more good stuff on the album Concrete Clean slated for 3.18.2015 at CDJapan. Lots of hot artists appear on this like Rau Def, MARIA and SEEDA.

Read up on Kazuya Kikuchi’s blog.

SSSurrounddd (((さらうんど))) – “Siren Syrup” (Audio Video)

What the hell is Audio Video? Well this. it’s a fairly minimal video, basically so you can hear the audio track “Siren Syrup” from SSSurrounddd a.ka. (((さらうんど))).

At least it’s at the coast so you can see the tide roll in while jamming to 80’s disco-lite. Not bad.

Visit Sssurrounddd’s facebook page to learn about their new album See you, Blue out 3.18.2015.

Pull up a couch over at Sssurrounddd’s official website.

Video Pantsu: Suzuko Mimori- “Heart Collection” MV short

Suzuko Mimori goes all black cat on you in the haunted house hopping “Heart Collection” MV.

Look at those black nails! And those furry ears! We only get a few whiskers from this single but it’s quite purrrfect, from what we get to see. Just don’t mind the ghosts.

This is one of many new songs off Suzuko Mimori’s 2nd album Fantastic Funfair out 4.8.2015. Preup from CDJapan and get an exclusive 2L-size poster to keep you warm at night.

Mimori’s meowtastic website and her twitter feed is all you need.

GOMESS- “Momoku no aki” MV

GOMESS’ life is on full depressing display in “Momoku no aki.” The man rappy talks with a fervor fully embracing his awkwardness.

Skinny, gangly with a large adam’s apple. That was me as his age. Yet I don’t know if I had it as bad as GOMESS…

Try not to get run over by a train and look for his latest album Shi out 3.18.2015 at CDJapan.

You can find GOMESS hiding at Low High Who’s website.

Video Pantsu: Phenotas- “Konyaga Owarinai” MV short

Take a peek into the night life when Phenotas rock it all night long in “Konyaga Owarinai” or (Never Ending Night).

It’s a very digital pop sounding track with a digi drum kit and synths with what looks like a very fun dance routine. Except we only get a small look! Doh! I really like the lead singer’s widdle voice too.

Phenotas’ new album PS2015 is dropping on 3.11.2015 at CDJapan. You should preup on that pronto!

Pinky point your way over to Phenotas’ official website.

Banri (ばんり) drops 2N1 with “Space Cowboy” and “Ramzyy” MVs

Banri drops two videos in one with “Space Cowboy” and “Ramzyy.”

Banri projects himself in duplicate while a projector blinds you in the skittish “Space Cowboy.” Juxtapose this song with the springy looped “Ramzyy” that holds you a gunpoint. Both are powerful  and artsy and maybe a little bit weird.

Ok it’s a lot bit weird, but he’s got my attention. Expect to be disarmed when ばんり’s new album Disarm hits on 3.11.2015. Check it out at WENOD Records.

Banri is on twitter.

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