Video Pantsu: Yufu Terashima- “Fuhehehehehehehe Dai Sakusen” MV short

You might know Yufu Terashima as a former BiS idol. Well she has released a few singles in the past year, but “Fuhehehehehehehe Dai Sakusen”  will be the first off major label Universal Music.

That’s probably why we only get a snippet of this single, and Universal Music will be laughing hehehehehehe all the way to the bank.

The song is cute and so is Yufu Terashima and so is that animal mascot (which looks like a horse-cat maybe?) I think this single might be a little to slow for my tastes. Still, if you like it or love it, it’s available on 5.20.2015 at CDJapan.

Depending on the version you purchase you should get a different album cover. Check out the different head shots at Yufu Terashima’s official website.

peepow a.k.a mahitothepeople – “Blue Echo” MV

Peepow a.k.a mahitothepeople is out there. So it’s really no surprise that “Blue Echo” feat. K. Bomb is some WAAAAY out there shit.

The flow is fragmented, the notes hang, the beats are jumbled, it’s next level experimental shit. You gotta respect it. It’s heady hiphop covered in a kangaroo hat. It’s also rather ghostly. The keyboard melody sounds straight out of a haunted church.

If you aren’t afraid, then pick up a copy of Delete Cipy on 4.22.2015 at CDJapan.

Peep out mahitothepeople’s twitter. Read more about this release at


Pour another round for The Challenge in “Hana-kin Dance” MV

Kanpai! Fill your frosty mugs with beer and take the challenge of attempting the “Hana-kin Dance” by who else? The Challenge.

I don’t know how drunk you have to be to wrap your legs around someone’s face and spin around legs locked, arms free and trusting you won’t fly into a bunch of bar stools. But you can see how amazing it is in this video.

With cool spinning moves, lots of beer drinking and a crazy chant for “Hana-kin Dance,” this short little song is jukebox worthy at any local pub.

You can also find it on the album Star Tanjo out today 4.22.2015 at CDJapan.

You gotta wear shades over at The Challenge’s official website.

Salyu- “Kanata” (studio live version)

When checking out a live version of Salyu (as you should because she’s amazing live), it’s cool to see the way she hold her mic like a boss.  “Kanata” is more of a rock track which allows Salyu to totally eat the microphone.

She’s just super exciting to watch the way she winces every time she goes for a note. “Kanata” also shines from the synthy keyboard work as well.

This is another song off her album Android & Human out now 4.22.2015 at CDJapan. Get more Salyu at her official website.

Kurihara You needs to declutter her room in “Arasa Land” MV

Let’s try on lingerie with Kurihara You (Kurihara Yu) in the mountain of underwear that is “Arasa Land.”

When she’s not sizing up her bras, she’s blowing bubbles in the park or smearing make-up. Kurihara You might be a tad cray-cray, but if you can survive her living conditions, she’s the one for you!

Her mini-album Arasa Land was originally released on 2.11.2015. Get it with the sexy lengerie cover at CDJapan. Yes it does indeed say “Fuck” on the album cover.

Kurihara You’s official website gives you access to her twitter and soundcloud.


HARCO- “Camera ha uso wo tsukanai” MV

I hate to break it to ya, but the camera doesn’t lie.  And pianoman HARCO’s trip into town is a photo shoot that tells it like it is in “Camera ha uso wo tsukanai.”

It’s kind of dizzying. The video camera spins from overhead and rotates HARCO upside down. HARCO’s point and shoot camera is the only thing that keeps him on solid footing.

“Camra ha uso wo tsukanai” banks on HARCO’s doubled vocals over a slower piano melody, that’s a bit drifty and easy. Nice stuff. Find it on the album Gomasaba To Yuugao To Kuushinsai out 4.22.2015 at CDJapan.

Pencil in some time at HARCO’s official website.


KLOOZ – “City Light” MV

Enamored by the Tokyo city lights, you will try your best to make it. KLOOZ raps a song about Tokyo city life and it’s glow in “City Light.”

It’s also got a tad bit of R&B autotune swag to it, and a hot model as your focus.  She’s so fine, it makes KLOOZ do a complete giraffe neck turn. You can follow her on twitter too.

Pick up KLOOZ’s new album Blue on 4.22.2015 at CDJapan.

It’s all clean over at KLOOZ’s official website.

Video Pantsu: King Cream Soda- “Gerappo Dance Train” MV short

Get up! Get on up and aboard the “Gerappo Dance Train” with King Cream Soda. This unique trio dance pop group is bringing disco flavor and James Brown-like umph with a party train single.

It looks like this train ride goes all the way to outerspace, so enjoy this ride. “Gerappo Dance Train” is the theme to the latest Yokai Watch 3DS game, which I’ve heard is gaining as much popularity as Pokemon.

It’s available on 4.29.2015 at CDJapan.

King Cream Soda seems to have a bunch of Yokai Watch related tracks. Check out their discography at their official website.

Salyu will be there in “THE RAIN” MV

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Salyu’s voice as low and raspy as she starts off in “THE RAIN,” but it matches the rock guitars and drums quite well.  Yes she reaches the peaks and higher octaves we are used to hearing in the chorus, it’s just amazing, how amazing Salyu continues to amaze me with her vocal range.

“THE RAIN” is a gorgeous song, it’s almost like a rock ballad, it’s inspirational and exciting. The video is a mash of different beautiful landscapes and settings and of course there are lions and rain. It’s pretty and gripping.

Her album Android & Human is available on 4.22.2015 at CDJapan. Expect it to be as awesome as her hair is at her official website.


“For Today” is a special day when this man and this woman enter a union of holy matrimony. Wait, where’s the bride and groom? I think skunkboy from HOTSQUALL scared them away?!!

“For Today” is an interesting punk love song, which could possibly be used at a wedding..  or to show how sunshine-y and happy stock photos and stock video can make your video. It’s rather quite hilarious, but the song is actually kind of heartwarming.

Wow. Anyhoo, get something NEW released on 4.8.2015 at CDJapan.

It’s getting hotter over at HOTSQUALL’s official website.


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