Especia rocks the boom box and stays fresh with “Aviator/Boogie Aroma” Promo

Especia are smelling success by staying fresh and hip and blasting their city pop sounds with this mash up of their singles “Aviator” and “Boogie Aroma.”

“Aviator” rocks the boom box like it never went out of style. The bigger the better I always say, but make sure it has dual cassette recording capability so you can master that mix tape.

“Boogie Aroma” gets the shorter end of the stick with just a commercial blip that reminds you how you can knock out odor for 24 hours. Major synth sounds from this track will shake you up.

I’m liking what I’m hearing and I’m betting that this double single is on point when it drops on 7.22.2015. Preorder the limited edition at CDJapan.

Meet the girls of Especia over at their official website and like them on Facebook.

De De Mouse- “Milkyway Drive” MV

Things are getting chippy over in the new De De Mouse video for “Milkyway Drive.” Chips of rock, shards of gems,  stones, these type things are floating and flying throughout the sky to De De Mouse’s synthy murmurs.

His mousy unintelligible vocals are trademark by this point, but his music continues to excite. “Milkyway Drive” bounces along the blue sky and is a happier funtime electronica song.

Milkyway Drive is out on 7.2.2015 at CDJapan.

Mouse your cursor over to De De Mouse’ official website.


I can’t say that BIGBANG look totally “SOBER” in their latest video. I think they are still suffering the effects of the gas that’s being pumped into their heads.

They tend to make a living creating fabulous pop songs and down right crazy videos for those songs. “SOBER” is no exception. Shout out to TOP who looks like he’s totally into animals, like goats and hobby horses and shit. What a freak.

This song is part of the D single currently out on 7.1.2015 at US iTunes. It’s easier than buying the CDs because it’s sort of confusing as to what you’ll get. Look at Yesasia and see all the options.

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Arisaka Emi (LOVE JAM CATS) – “Chicken Hero Monster” MV

“Chicken Hero Monster” is so metal! Strap on your chicken hat with Arisaka Emi of LOVE JAM CATS and cluck out to this silly song.

It’s adorably absurd.

This single was originally released in October of 2014. Read about it in the discography section of Love Jam Cats website.

Follow Emi Arisaka’s twitter page and hit up her bloggy blog.

You may ask KEN THE 390 “What About” in latest MV

Yiggity-yes. KEN THE 390 drops another track “What About” off of his latest album WEEKEND. Yep yep.

So “What About” it? His strickity-stripey shirt is in sharp contrast to the background and makes KEN THE 390 stand out. Just as he’s able to make his rhymes stand out over an amazingly produced track, it takes extreme skill. He demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

The album WEEKEND hit retailers back on 6.17.2015 at CDJapan.

Check out his DREAM BOY label’s tumblr.  Also, hit up KEN the 390’s official website.

TOWA TEI encapsulates a “LUV PANDEMIC” in new MV

It’s a “LUV PANDEMIC” of epic proportions when Towa Tei drops a new one. His “can’t stop won’t stop” workhorse mentality keeps amazing songs like this, keep coming.

“Pan pan pan pan-demic” is extremely poppy, and easy to swallow. TOWA TEI’s love pill goes down easy thanks to clinky clanky beats and electronic tinkles. Add in a cute female chorus and it’s another pharma-riffic party single.

TOWA TEI’s new album CUTE drops on 7.29.2015 at CDJapan.

Check out his official website to see what’s new on the TV.

Emerald- “Furetai hikari” MV

Who knew flowers could make you feel so down? Emerald’s moody track “Furetai hikari” takes on Radiohead levels of falsetto.

It’s enough to keep you awake all night. “Furetai hikari” has elements of jazz and blues and again, Radiohead’s influence in undeniable. The song still sounds special, a mix of R&B and rock and crooning that is totally worth your time.

Find it on Emerald’s 2011 ep out 7.8.2015 at

Experience a night in the city over at Emerald’s website. Get to know more Fun Land RyCreation artists over at their website.

Video Pantsu: The cold tommy- “Ryuka no kurokami” MV short

The cold tommy will leave you in a hot sweat after watching this short clip of their single “Ryuka no kurokami.”

Underneath that frazzled mass of hair the lead singer barely takes a breath as he rattles off lyrics over bumping basslines. Then when he sings it sounds more like a shake-y roar.  I’d love to hear the whole thing.

Luckily The cold tommy’s new album is out 7.29.2015 at CDJapan called Flashback Bug.

See what’s scrawled and scratched out on the album cover when you visit The cold tommy’s official website.

ESNO- “21-Ji no kurage to tsuki” feat. Bonjour Suzuki MV

ESNO will have you speaking French after listening to her latest single featuring Bonjour Suzuki, “21-Ji no kurage to tsuki.”

It’s a softly spoken half-rap half-singing escape to Paris that twinkles and flickers like a candle light in the breeze. You’ll either be tantalized or annoyed depending on how you feel about the vocals.

ESNO’s new album Release will be released on 7.22.2015 at CDJapan.

Bonjour Suzuki’s website is very girly.

ESNO’s official website drops you right into another video. Like ESNO on Facebook.


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