“WARNING!” Flesh on display in Ayumi Hamasaki’s latest MV (video pantsu)

Watch your hands and wedge your way between the human flesh pile that is Ayumi Hamasaki’s latest MV short for “WARNING.”

Hope you remembered to wear your leather. Although male nipples are encouraged in Ayu’s slithery human sex simulation party. But it’s not all men, it’s men and women and men dressed as women and women dressed as men and some chick with an eye-patch. You’ve been Warned.

So La-la-la-la-la-la-la over to CDJapan and grab A One- Ayu’s 16th album out on her 17th anniversary. It’s slated for 4.8.2015.

Say it loud and proud over at Ayu’s official website.

Video Pantsu: NyaKB with TsuchinokoPanda- “Idol wa Unyanya no Ken” MV

Poor pussy. Poor pussy cats. Nya (meow) with some of the girls of AKB48 including Haruka Shimazaki as this virtual idol group known as NyaKB with TsuchinokoPanda in “Idol wa Unyanya no Ken.”

Yep. These girls are animated alright. You might like the live version of the group with cat ears or you might prefer the anime version. This ties into an anime called Yokai Watch and 7 members of AKB48 sing the outro to this show.

This single is out 4.8.2015 and you can preup the version with both the anime and live action group on the cover at CDJapan.

Again you can see just a smidgen of this video, but it’s colorful and has girls with cat ears, so dammit, I know you want to see the full thing.

Until that happens, hit up NyaKB’s official website to get your purrr on.

Crack a bottle over tofubeats head in “stakeholder” MV

Tofubeats shatters expectations as well as glass bottles in the chiptune R&B jam “stakeholder.”

Watch things break and smash in slow-motion just as the beats slow down in the dope ass single “stakeholder.” And when tofubeats cranks up the bpm to a nice rattle, you can feel it slap the glasses off your head. It’s a solid hit.

It won’t be long until the Stakeholder album drops on  4.1.2015. Preup over at CDJapan.

You gotta love the stockphoto family over at his website.


Yurumerumo! (You’ll Melt More)- “Hamidasumo!” MV

Japan’s water supply is turning into Soy Sauce. Only one group can save its citizens, Yurumerumo! The girls of You’ll Melt More arm themselves with toy plastic guns to take out the grand wizard of soy sauce and his henchman. You can’t make this shit up. Just sit back and watch “Hamidasumo!” maybe with a side of edamame.

YLMLM! you say? These girls blast off and fight crime better than any low budget action show on TV thanks to some killer special effects from a shocking guitar that blows up enemies real good. (Props to Mani Kato for another glorious video).

The song “Hamidasumo!” is actually pretty wild with laser sound effects. Spacey synth and robotic voice sing alongs. “Are you ready? Hamidasumo!”

Fun stuff. This single is out 3.25.2015 at CDJapan. There are different covers versioned out for each member of the group.

Melt away at Yurumerumo!’s official website.

KPOP HIGHLIGHT: NS Yoon-G- “Wifey” MV Feat. MC Mong

NS Yoon-G wants to be your “Wifey,” boy.

Isn’t that good enough? This slender young lady can sing and shake her hips to make you take note of them jeans in her latest “Wifey” hip hop R&B single.

What starts out with a heavy intro from MC Mong turns into a 90’s R&B pop track when NS Yoon-G takes over. It sounds like a Brandy or Monica song, which is exactly what they were going for. It works!

Her new single album Vol. 3 Sincerely is out 3.23.2015 at Yesasia.

Hit up your wifey on Twitter. She makes crazy faces.

Baburuso – “Kikoenai” MV (チプルソ&KazBubble)

You rack them and Baburuso will break them in “Kikoenai.”

チプルソ&KazBubble from WARAJI spend their nights chilling playing billiards and they daytime lounging at the corner. For a relaxing track, these guys went all out on the crane camera shots. “Kikoenai” has some great camera-work in this video.

Like what you hear? Expect to shoot the moon when 15 Bus Drive rolls in on 4.15.2015 at CDJapan.

Baburuso’s official website has more details.

Up Up Girls (Kari) Go into Beast Mode in Latest MV

Up Up Girls (Kari) are straight up Rave Beasts on their latest single “Bijo no Yajuu.”

As you can see, going into beast mode involves high fashion. The clothes that make these girls look good. Fierce. Confident and yes, beastly.

The song makes a statement too. “Bijo no Yajuu” (beauty of the beast) takes on hip hop smash beasts and ramps them up for Rave Culture techno. Can you keep up? Yo, these girls got strobe lights too.

This song is part of the group’s third album that just came out on 3.17.2015 at CDJapan.

Stay on the up and up over at Up Up Girls (Kari)’s website.




NORTHERN BEEZ- “Killa Beez” MV feat. A.J.

“Ya’ll ready know, we’a Killa Beez,” as NORTHERN BEEZ belches out in his latest nightlife club video.

Featuring the pragmatic A.J., “Killa Beez” is digital time bomb of beats and computer effect synth that will have you bouncing multiple times to the bar. This is pretty damn hot.

Add some cammo-clad girl dancers and you got the making of a complete banger. (Just don’t ask me about the hole hand signs.)

Expect to find this on Project To Drama Fold Vol.1 which will be released thru CLUX.jp.

Follow PRIME of NORTHERN BEEZ on twitter.

Your best look at the faces of 5572320 in “Han seiki yutosei” FULL MV

How is this for a better look at the girls of 5572320? Go go nana ni san ni rei finally get the hair blown out of their faces and you might just see a smile or two in “Han seiki yutosei” aka “Half a century honor student.”

This Octet of rock show all their member faces, finally at their official website now!  Such a unique group with 5 guitars and 3 drums and they play with conviction. I especially love the girl standing up banging on her cymbals.

So rad! And if you want some delicious cookie treats, try NISSIN’s coconut sables! How is that for a  50th anniversary plug? 5572320 endorse them, so I do too.

Video Pantsu: nao- “相対性VISION” MV short

Here’s a peek at nao’s latest theme to a PS4 game Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II, called “Sotaisei VISION.”

Don’t let the intro throw you off. It starts out like a J-Drama for about a minute before the music video begins. Then once nao starts singing over a rocking BG you can tell this sounds like a video game theme. There are some twinkly sound effects in this too, so overall it’s pretty damn good, from what we hear.

This latest single by nao drops on 3.25.2015 at CDJapan.

5pb Records has a whole page devoted to nao and Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II. It’s very anime-like. See the website for it.

Also hit up nao’s official website for an eyeful. Seriously, she’s like in her underwear.

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