GOOD4NOTHING- “LIAR feat. Makkin & RaiRai Kyonshizu” MV

Lies aren’t necessary, but they are great subject matter for songs. GOOD4NOTHING shout about it in “LIAR” featuring Makkin & RaiRai Kyonshizu.

Why is this cool? Because it’s the bassist Makkin’s chance to sing and head bang it out in a heavier format single. Awesome.

You can still buy the Raise Your Hope single at CDJapan out 5.20.2015.

It’s all good at GOOD4NOTHING’s official website.


Video Pantsu: Lacco Tower- “Hi Kofuku Ron” MV short

Lacco Tower rips it up in “Hi Kofuki Ron” like the rip up the pages of a book. This video is a head scratcher especially since we only get a limited view of the video.

There is a murder scene. There are fancy clothes, old fashioned telephones and pages of a book scattered and hanging around the band as they rock it out. We need more clues!

Here’s a hint. Check the the album cover for their first major label album at CDJapan. The lead singer is devouring a book. That’s a tasty photo. Hi Kofuku Ron drops on 6.17.2015.

Bowties are also welcome at Lacco Tower’s official website.

Kiyoshi Ryujin 25- “Mr.PLAY BOY…♡” MV

How do you make Kiyoshi Ryujin 25? From the looks of things, it takes multiple trips to the VIP  girl room as seen in the video for “Mr. PLAY BOY…♡.”

Kiyoshi Ryujin knows how to pick up the ladies. Through big band music and swing and jitterbug dancing, it’s a good time. So what if you are one of his many wives, right? Err. That’s why they call him Mr. Play Boy I guess?

Grab a copy of this track over at CDJapan on 5.27.2015.

Like Kiyohi Ryujin 25 on Facebook. Get to know all of the girl over at the official website.

Video Pantsu: Tokyo Erotical Parade- “Manatsu no Magikku” MV short

Tokyo Erotical Parade make polka dots sexy in this short clip of their latest sensual single “Manatsu no Magikku.”

That’s Midsummer Magic folks! That also means girls in white bikinis dancing. But nothing is sexier than watching the band go at it. The saxophonist is smoking. The bassist literally jumps off of his stand up bass. The lead singer looks like a pirate.  That’s 50 shades of awesome.

FInd “Manatsu no Magikku” on the album 1-One out July 1, 2015. Preup at CDJapan.

See spots over at Tokyo Erotical Parade’s official website.

Go under the bridge with Chelsy in “SistAr” MV

Na na na na na na.. “SistAr” will be in your head before you know it thanks to Chelsy ‘s catchy tune. But can you catch the band running underneath highway bridges?

Three young girls who can rock out and look charming at the same time, Chelsy have the stuff. Although running might not be as cool as playing their instruments.. na na na na na na!

Chelsy are cute, no doubt about it. Probably why Sony Japan released their video worldwide. Their website is even cuter if that is possible.

Chelsy’s single SistAr drops on 5.27.2015 at CDJapan.

TAKAFIN- “Kinomochiyou” MV

Takafin from Mighty Jam Rock spills about entertaining to the fullest in the reggae story song “Kinomochiyou.”

From my understanding it’s a tale about living life to the fullest, entertaining to create happy moments without regrets. Quite a nice message for a song and one that contains clapping, so Yay! Take this message to heart from Takafin and live one life one love and everything is going to be alright. You might have heard this in other classic reggae songs more than likely.

The “Kinomochiyou” single is available through released back on 4.22.2015.

Follow Takafin on twitter too.

ISSUGI & DJ SCRATCH NICE- “On the Train” feat. Senninsho MV

ISSUGI has made constructive use of the time spend on the train. Listening to music, making up rhymes, feeling out beats. The result is a great track “On the Train” with help from DJ Scratch Nice and Senninsho.

The beats sound like bongos and the bursts of keyboards frazzle your ears like a constant train rolling down the tracks.

Don’t miss your connection on this joint. UrbanBowl Mixcity was released on 4.8.2015 at CDJapan.

It’s got lots of guest stars like Kid Fresino, Mr. Pug and 5LACK.

Read more about ISSUGI at Dogear Records’ website.

Yuyu to Magician – “Lovesick Gelato” MV

Sayonara PonyTail fans should be overjoyed to know there is a Yuyu solo unit called Yuyu to Magician. This single for “Lovesick Gelato” is a softly sung pop track that shines like the sun.

It’s a bit summery and sparkly with backing synth, totally upbeat while remaining little and cuddly (if that makes sense.)  It’s something cool when the summer heat can be oppressive.

Your best source of info on this solo outfit will be from SayoPony’s twitter feed. Remember to keep your stars close!

cero hit cruise control in “Summer Soul” MV

Want some summer night soul music to ride along with? Cero is ready to cruise in “Summer Soul.”

With a mighty “hey hey hey hey” back vocal, cero almost reach BeeGee levels of harmony. Almost.  These guys tend to stay on the R&B side of things in “Summer Soul,” and it’s a smooth ride. Plus that flute returns at the end of this song.

Speaking of rides, cero’s album Obscure Ride drops on 5.27.2015 at CDJapan.

Cero is still rocking the geocities official website.


hy4_4yh love to love you in “Love Genome” MV

Right on! You’ve never seen a more vibrant rainbow colored hoodie than the ones that hy4_4yh (Yavay) rock in “Love Genome.”

The girls are back with their 20th single and their signature hip hop rhymes. They also jump around to some hoppy beats in this single and a very poppy chorus. It’s a dance party good time. You’ll love it.

Love Genome just dropped on 5.13.2015, that’s today! Score it at CDJapan.

Hit up hy4_4yh’s official website and remember to “love the people.”

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