tofubeats- “Fumetsu no kokoro” MV

Live stream what drives you to live, just make sure you have battery backup to record it all like in tofubeats’ “Fumetsu no kokoro.”

If there is one thing you can say about today’s Youtube culture is that there is an audience for anything and everything. If binge eating and wild dancing fuels your heart, then follow your passion. Someone out there probably feels the same way.

Tofubeats constructs another autotune pop dance track with a pretty awesome video. While split screen videos are new, the way the actors and images violate that boundary line is a very cool visual effect. Piles of food stack into the upper frame or the dancer’s arms dangle into the space below. It’s just awesome.

If you dig the song, you can find it as a digital single on

You can also get a quick bio on tofubeats and his social media accounts over at his website.

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