JinnyOops! Eat Your Brain Mini-Album

image from Jinnyoops! myspace

You will be hearing a lot of JinnyOops! if you haven’t already. JinnyOops! is an indie rock band with a horn section. You probably know that JinnyOops! will be appearing in Austin, TX as part of SXSW 2010 during Japan Nite on March 19th.

But more importantly, JinnyOops! just released their new mini-album Eat Your Brain on 2/10/2010 through Nasty Records in Japan. You can buy it through Nasty Records HERE.

It sounds like they will be performing at SXSW and then drop from a 5 piece to a 3 piece band. Kind of sad news if this is true because the horn section really makes the band. If they do reform as a 3-piece expect the sound to be more Punk-ish. I currently love what I am hearing from the JinnyOops!

Read more about JinnyOops! at their myspace and official website.

You can also check out a snippit of their newest video below for the song HO!コミュニケーション:

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