the radio cassettes- “Mondainai sa” MV

Dude, no problem. The radio cassettes have their little rock song “Mondainai sa” on lock.

“Mondainai sa” is a slow rock sing-a-long that almost a brush it off your shoulders kind of song. It’s fun and still has a message.

There is also some funny stuff in this video. Rock paper scissors to ask a girl out only to have another guy swoop in last second, made me laugh out loud.

The band’s 3rd mini album drops 7.29.2014. Grab it at

Visit their official website for more goodness.


Dempa Gumi Inc.- “Lemon Iro” MV

Dempa Gumi Inc. downtime! “Lemon Iro” slow mos the girls downtime activities to a complete YAWN.

Yes, if you can’t get enough of Dempa Gumi, Inc looking at their phone and texting, “Lemon Iro” will be a refreshing drink of water.

For everyone else, you’ll gasp at their lack of bottle recycling. At least the song is a whispy synth single.  I actually like the song, the video leaves a lot to be desired.

This song is the B-side to the Chururi Chururira single released on 7.30.2014. You can still preorder at CDJapan.

It’s kids incorporated at Dempa Gumi Inc.’s website.


DJ BEERT & Jazadocument- “Miss My Man” Feat. Young Hastle & ZORN

I’m a big fan of Young Hastle, and ZORN has such as distinct voice that the two of these rappers together on DJ BEERT & Jazadocument’s single “Miss My Man” is instantly awesome.

Beyond dope stuff, “Miss My Man” is smooth with it’s finger snapping beats and the black and white video adds a whole nother level of cool.

Expect greatness on DJ BEERT’s album The Documentary with a slew of amazing rap artists. It was released on 6.4.2014 at CDJapan.

DJ BEERT’s tumblr is quite a sight.


Tacoyaki Rainbow- “Zessho! Naniwa de umareta shojo-tachi” MV

The girls of Tacoyaki Rainbow (Takoyaki Rainbow with a C or a K) strap on cardboard train carts and put on a stage performance in the video for  “絶唱!なにわで生まれた少女たち.

Google translates this as “Zesshō! Naniwa de umareta shōjo-tachi” which means nothing to me, but it’s still a cute performance. Their outfits are colorful and look like something Charo would wear. Cuchi Cuchi Cuchi! And if you don’t know who Charo is…  look her up.

Catch the rainbow atTacoyaki Rainbow’s official website. Look out for this single dropping on 9.3.2014.



KPOP Highlight: HYUNA- “RED” MV

HyunA will have you turning 40 shades of “RED” in her hot new single.

She’s a banana riding, booty slapping, bare back monkey hugging sex idol, and HyunA has never looked hotter. Her video is part bouncy wild party and part Egyptian goddess highlight reel, which  takes quite a lot from  Miley Cyrus and Katie Perry videos. That’s not a bad thing, because HyunA 1-ups both divas with this red hot video.

“RED” is also a great pop single. It sounds like she’s taken some lessons from CL in rapping and singing, because her flow is on point.

HyunA’s Mini album Vol  3 – A Talk is out on 7.-31-2014. Grab it at Yesasia.

Follow HyunA on Instagram.


Albireo- “声” MV

Albireo use the strength of their voice in their latest “声.”

Just as powerful is the piano keyboard also played by lead singer Aru. Her backing band also has the skills, and “声” is a melodic rock song.

With a bigger budget for a video, Albireo might be able to turn some heads.

Albireo’s third mini album Karma tono Kyori drops on 8.6.2014 at CDJapan.

Albireo looks a lot cooler in their group photo at their official website.


Yurumerumo! sizzles in “Sukiyaki” MV

Oh! the salivating nature of sizzling meat. Get your fill of the grill in Yurumerumo!’s “Sukiyaki.”

It’s interesting that the food is front and center and the girls of Yurumerumo! are plastered on posters in the background.

But that let’s you focus on the sounds. The girls sound pretty good, singing over techno spacey synthesizers and beepity boops.

Take a ride on the Unforgettable Final Odyssey released on 7.9.2014 at CDJapan.

Meet all the girls over at Yurumerumo!’s official website.


Video Pantsu: Aoyama Thelma- “SMILE AGAIN” MV short

Aoyama Thelma has the flow of a butterfly, fluttery and graceful at the same time.. and you can hear it in the wonderful “SMILE AGAIN.”

It’s a shame we only get a clip of this song and video. What we hear sounds great, and the video only highlights Aoyama Thelma’s beauty.

You should really preup on the new album Lonely Angel out on 8.6.2014 at CDJapan. This could be one of the best JPOP albums of the year?

Read more on Aoyama Thelma at her official website.



Are you seeing these floating heads too? It must be from too much “SEX, GANJA, REBEL MUSIC.” TRIGA FINGA and Yorozu Tokiro are attacking your brain with a reggae trifecta!

It’s crazy what a green screen can do for your video. Your flying heads can teleport from the desert to circling the planets. Dope ass video!

Make sure to keep your tabs on the album OYA out 8.6.2014 at CDJapan.

Follow TRIGA FINGA on twitter.


Video Pantsu: Koda Kumi- “Hotel” MV short

KK has a wonderful timeshare she would like you to tour in this sneak peak of her “Hotel” opening.

Yes, Koda Kumi is inviting you to check in early, so holler at your girl.

The good news is the baggage boys and the rest of the staff, all are great dancers. This single also has 3 songs on it.

Schedule a trip to CDJapan and preorder Hotel out 8.6.2014.

KK’s official website is prettied up in a nice big bow.

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