This DJ KM Remix of JOYSTICKK’s “LOLLIPOP” is so sick you’ll be heaving over your toilet!

This is a serious banger that will get you wilin’ out your seat and hanging by your high heels. KOHH makes every track better and his verse will tie you up in knots.

Ladies will get a kick out of JOYSTICKK’s shower scene, dudes will enjoy seeing YURISA in a wedding gown.

It’s an extremely dope and weird ass video. “LOLLIPOP” the regular track and remix are both on JOYSTICKK’s album Zero Gravity.

Find it floating around at CDJapan (released 10.15.2014).

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Oha-Girl Fuwawa- “トロイメライライン” Dance MV

Oha-Girl dance in circles in the cuteness overload dance version of their single “トロイメライライン.”

These three girls hop around with framing hand movements to an adorable bubbly pop song. Their ages range from 12 to 14 years old.

Google translate tells me the song is “Traumerei Line,” not sure if that’s right, but what the hey. It’s Friday and you can dance along and just enjoy the fun.

Meet the oha-girls at their official website. Pony up for the CD+DVD combo from CDJapan on 11.4.2014.



Video Panstu: MARTER- “Mori no Kotoba” MV

Try to snap your way out of this other worldly experience. MARTER is smooth finger snapping in out of this world planet landscapes in this short animated video clip from “Mori no Kotoba.”

Blast this on 1080p and see how lush the animation is. It’s beautiful scenery and seasonal happenings like flowers blooming and snowflakes falling, all while MARTER croons R&B goodness.

Look for this album on 10.18.2014 at called Songs of Four Seasons.

Let’s hope for a full MV! Also follow MARTER on twitter.


rieco- “So right” MV

Rieco does it Ri-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ight in her sort of country mostly pop song “So Right.”

It’s like Taylor Swift country meaning heavy on the pop hooks and catchy chorus and “So right” has an instantly memorable chorus the way it stretches “Right” out into a multisyllabic word. This is a very good pop song with a mix of acoustic and wailing guitars.

Rieco released her first album on 7.30.2014. Buy it at CDJapan.

Put on your big hat over at Rieco’s official website.


KPOP Highlight: GAEKO- “No Make Up” MV feat. Zion.T, HA:TFELT

Aw Yeahhhh, it’s time to take it all off with GAEKO and his friends in the same room watching. I’m talking about make up of course. GAEKO is like the director of this video for “No Make Up.”

GAEKO holds up “CUT” signs, “REVERSE” signs and “LONG SHOT” signs like he’s controlling the cameras. He’s also rapping along with Zion.T while HA:TFELT takes off her make up in the next room over.

It’s a slick track, Zion.T sounds very R&B and HA:TFELT gets to sing more towards the end of the song. It’s like a Dynamic Trio!

Speaking of…  GAEKO is one half of Dynamic Duo finally going out on a solo album called REDINGRAY. It drops 10.21.2014 at CDJapan.

Tell GAEKO that he’s the man on Twitter.



Sometimes it’s better to make a video on your own. Watch VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE suffer through the video process with a bunch of BAKA idiot production folks in “Honey Honey.”

These guys can’t seem to get out of their own way. So much so that the band fires the video crew and makes their own video. They shoot it with one camera and edit it on their own laptop and Viola! Or should I say VOLA! A brand new video for a fraction of the cost.

The video is humorous, but the song is even better. The guitars twiddle in a high pitch and shimmer nicely. There is also an awesome bass highlight.

“Honey Honey” is on VOLA & THE ORIENTAL MACHINE’s new single Regalecus russelii out 10.22.2014 at CDJapan.

Peep VOLA’s official website for more.



KOPERU- “Minami de kyujitsu” MV

Nod your head to the violin synth and expect nerd like rhymes from your boy KOPERU in “Minami de kyujitsu.”

He’s so unassuming. But you can see the flow in his arms. They wave around pointing, feeling the beats, punctuating his words. Then you get to that cute old chorus. “Minami ‘kyu Minami ‘kyujitsu” is wonderful alliteration.

Cool single and a great video to show the streets and unique parts of town. Look for it on 10.22.2014 at iTunes.JP.

Hit up KOPERU on twitter.



PETER MAN has it upon high Autori’te that you’ll twerk it out to his reggae dance jam “MINORITY.”

All you need to do is put PETER MAN on your headphones and you’ll be jammin’.  And if you don’t you’ll get chased by a bunch of tattooed thugs. So pon de’replay.

The album JAM DOWN was released back in May. Score it at CDJapan, mon.

Bush Hunter music has the low down on all tings PETER MAN.



Vanilla Beans- “Uchoten Girl” MV

Hey Hey Hey! Vanilla Beans don cheerleader outfits in the pom pom waving single “Uchoten Girl.”

What a crazy song. It starts with bagpipes, turns disco and jazzy and the funk guitars makes it sounds straight out of a 70’s variety show. Yet, the girls have a ton of backing cheerleaders to help them dance along in a basketball gymnasium. Go sports!

Even in cheerleading outfits, Vanilla Beans still rocks the thigh-highs.

So bust your bag-pipes over to and preup on this latest single slated for 11.11.2014.

The girls’ official website is cool beans.


The Game Shop- “Bit Funk” MV

The Game Shop know how to party. You can’t have a party without girls in bikinis.. and shots. Plenty of shots. The Game Shop has got both on lock and so they blip the funk in a hip hop 8-bit new jack swing single “Bit Funk.”

It’s a talk-box auto-tuney rappy and funky single that has quite a jazzy groove to it, while still retaining The Game Shop’s techno video game swagger. Dope son!

The Game Shop are pushing Future Game on 10.15.2014 at CDJapan. Snatch up a copy and like the Game Shop on Facebook.

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