Eunaly- “10PMOP” MV

The perfect dress can make you feel great! Don’t you just hate it when it’s just a dream though? Enjoy this super cute and super short video from Eunaly for “10PMOP.”

It’s indie-pop goodness with a guy and girl on vocals! So pull out your ratty umbrella and head over to CDJapan and order the album Catastrophe! out 4.23.2014.

See stripes at Eunaly’s bloggy blog.


My Last December covers Taylor Swift “We are never ever getting back together”

Some guy at some point in time decided that punk rock and hardcore bands covering pop songs was a good thing.* So thank or curse that guy out, because now we get bands like My Last December covering Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together.”

Surprisingly, the “whoa-oh-oh-oh-ohs” goes perfectly with punk rock. And you get a guy wearing a “I Fuck Like a Beast” T-shirt singing the vocals. That’s so punk.

Enjoy it until the novelty wears off then head over to My Last December’s official website for more.

*I’d like to think when Limp Bizkit covered Faith and it became a mainstream hit that’s when the pop/punk cover thing really took off.


Uchujin- “JiJi Owari no Hajimari” MV

What’s more alien than a wrinkly old man? How bout close ups of his skin and germs and hair folicles. What am I watching? The latest from Uchujin. “JiJi Owari no Hajimari.”

This is one bizarre animated flick with underwater scenes and cosmic happenings and an old man. Wow.

Lookout for Uchujin’s latest out 4.23.2014 at CDJapan.

See if you can figure out Uchujin really is at the official website. (HINT: Actually 4 members).


Motohiro Hata- “Dialogue Monologue” MV (short version)

Someone hand Motohiro Hata a guitar please. The man has got a soothing voice. Heck, someone give him a microphone and record this “Dialogue Monologue” pronto!

And so that’s what happens in this video. Motohiro Hata sings for us, and we are happy! We only get a little bit of the song “Dialogue Monologue,” but you can tell it’s another pleasant winner.

Check the single at CDJapan on 4.23.2014.

It’s all blue skies at Hata Motohiro’s official website.


MAKE MY DAY- “What are you fighting for?” MV

What are you fighting for? Well for MAKE MY DAY, it is for the freedom to wear obscene T-shirts that say “Suck my Fuck.”

Geesh. This screamo/hardcore band wants you to fight for something. Yourself, another friend, even if they don’t understand their own existence, fighting seems to be the answer for these dudes.

The English lyrics are all over the screen, so at least you can understand what these guys are screaming about. Even if none of it makes sense.

MAKE MY DAY’s new album RELENTLESS drops June 25.2.014. Preup at CDJapan and Yesasia.

Try to grow facial hair over at MAKE MY DAY’s official website.


Show your milkstache in Y’S- “DOPEFIEND” MV

Milk does a body good in Y’S “DOPEFIEND” video.  You have girls grinding, pouring milk all over themselves and other treacherous naughty things in this banging video.

All the while, Y’s is downing chocolate syrup over menacing horns and bombastic beats. Hold your tongues till the end of the video., it’s kind of scary.

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Tokyo KaranKoron- “Koi no Machine Gun” MV and Short Film digest

Watch Tokyo KaranKoron put their limited acting skills to the test in this short film digest and MV for “Koi no Machine Gun.”

The band is much better on stage with their instruments, but I’m sure fans of the group will still want to check out their little movie.

The regular edition is out 5.14.2014 at CDJapan and Yesasia.

Put your hands up, hold them up high at Tokyo KaranKoron’s official website.


Uhnellys Chord Album Review

chordcoversmallUhnellys are the funkier hip hop version of the White Stripes. I don’t know if that’s how they promote themselves, but they should. This duo Kim and Midi have found a way to breathe life into hip hop and rap, jazz, and rock with their mouthful of words, dope beats and inescapable trumpet.

They have released a few albums and singles, but the Rage like rock of their single “Doors” sold me on their latest album Chord.

It’s the first song on the album and it’s like Rage Against the Machine and your local college football band created a universal anthem. “Blackout” immediately follows with more fast paced rhymes and rickety guitars. The cymbals smash and ring out almost overpowering the shout along chorus. These two songs are strong.

“Chord” slows things down to a stumble but the slick drumbeat keeps your head up.

“Minority Rule” is the jazzier of the tracks on the album. Upbeat bass and snappy horns add a swing-like sound and is a record highlight.

“Bowowow” growls over percolating music drops. “No Future” and “7″ get a little more experimental and less structured., but the band reel it back in for “Letter From” and the superb “Rollin’ Morning.”

“Rollin’ Morning” rises and shines for the last track on the album. The cymbals crash while Kim blazes through lyrics and yet the song still seems rather quiet. It’s another must own track.

For nine songs, this album will go by really quickly and there are some solid singles.  Grab Chord at CDJapan.

Overall it’s a worthy buy, a 7.5 out of 10 for the album with a cool factor 11.



Codomo Dragon- “Children’s Dope” MV

Get on the dance floor and dodge the laser beams with Codomo Dragon and their single “Children’s Dope.”

For a visual kei band, these guys have some energy. The bass is banging, the guitars are a bit disco and the lyrics are fast. It’s like hard rock disco that jingles and jangles.

I think the anime con folks would eat these guys up. Look out for Codomo Dragon’s first full length album out 4.16.2014 at CDJapan and Yesasia.

Follow the band on twitter.


Yama Yuri- “ばぁちゃん” MV

There is nothing cooler than sitting on the back porch rocking out with an acoustic guitar with your Grandma. Yama Yuri take a trip down memory lane with “Ba ~achan,”  or “ばぁちゃん” or old lady!

The two that make up Yama Yuri, Yama is vocals and guitar, Yuri is drums. Yuri knows how to beat on that (amp?) box. She’s a trip!

Cool song and a very cool group. They have an album  また、逢いましょう。slated for 5.7.2014 at

Get a closer look at that percussion box over at Yama Yuri’s official website.


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