Video Pantsu: ZAQ- “OVERDRIVER” MV short (outro theme to RAIL WARS!)

You will absolutely squirt paint in this colorful exploding video for ZAQ’s “OVERDRIVER.”

There are some really cool paint effects in this video as well as a crazy crystallis outfit that ZAQ dons that covers her head with poky shards. Wow!

The song is a cool upbeat synth track that ZAQ sings and even raps over. I’d love to hear and see this whole thing.

Also, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the anime RAIL WARS! and supposedly this song is the outro theme to this TV show. So yeah, I still check out anime blogs and twitter feeds from time to time.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of people are preordering this RAIL WARS single right now. It comes out on 8.20.2014 at CDJapan.

ZAQ controls everything at her official website.


Perfume- “Hold Your Hand” Lyric video

Perfume wants to “Hold Your Hand.” Can we be friends again?

I was quick to jump on the Perfume bandwagon and was also very quick to jump off once their songs starting sounding a bit too similar. Their lack of evolution was kind of boring me to be honest.

But their sincerity is winning out with this lyric video for “Hold Your Hand.” It’s a cute painted hand video that puts the palms of all their staff members right up in your face.

If you like this song, it’s part of the Cling Cling single released on 7.16.2014. Score it at CDJapan.

This song is also the theme to a TV show Silent Poor.

Perfume’s website is gorgeous. Kudos to the webdesigners.


Natsumi Abe- “Furusato” MV

Sounds like Natsumi Abe had some mother -daughter issues in this ballad for “Furusato.”

It’s piano and violins. Lots of tears will fall from this single. The spanish guitar solo also will make you weep. So going home is always an option, right?

Natsumi Abe’s self-cover album Smile… drops on 8.13.2014. Preorder at CDJapan.

Why is there a monkey on Natsumi Abe’s website? Find out now!


KPOP Highlight: SISTAR- “Touch My Body” MV

We know you want’s so good and so nice, SISTAR’s “Touch My Body.”

Well let me first off say that the song “Touch My Body” is a fun pop track that will have no problems joining your summer jam rotation. It’s a girly song that girls can feel sexy about and jump around and still have a good time.

As for the video, well let’s just say I’m not a fan of the hoochie short shorts. While showing off a lot of leg is appealing to some, cooch wedgies are a bit unappealing to me. Still, minor complaint to an otherwise fun time video.

I like the way the girls of SISTAR pause and then one of the members starts shakin’ it on their own, like they can’t control themselves. That’s how a song should make you feel and “Touch My Body” succeeds.

If you want to see the girls of SISTAR in a whip cream battle, then like them on Facebook now.

I’d expect that you can find this single on US iTunes on 7.23.2014. Or you could buy the album Touch & Move SISTAR Mini Album #2  at Yesasia out on 7.23 as well.


KOHH- “Fuck Swag” MV

The desert can make you do crazy things, like go on a profane rant proclaiming that SWAG be Fucked. KOHH battles the heat and terrifying tattoos in “Fuck Swag.”

KOHH is a leader of the rap game, and obviously not afraid to do the insane, like dressing in a gimp suit. And while this single might have been influenced by someone like Tyler the Creator, KOHH is able to take it to ambitious levels of artistry with wispy strings and KOHH’s brand of crazy.

Go for Monochrome out 7.30.2014 at CDJapan.

Follwo KOHH on twitter.




ALL OFF- “Sweet Sweet Crazy” Feat. Angry Frog Rebirth

ALL OFF go completely crazy and team up with Angry Frog Rebirth to release the “Sweet Sweet Crazy” upon the world.

It’s a bumping rock song that a little bit punk ska and a little bit screamo hardcore thanks to Angry Frog Rebirth. You’ll be dizzy after watching the bike tricks in this video.

RAWK OUT to ALL OFF’s new single which I’m currently only seeing at out 8.6.2014. That alone will have you screaming like the babies in this video.

Take it ALL OFF at the band’s official website.


Video Pantsu: lecca- “kimi ni shikanai mono” MV short

Lecca returns with Jamaican braids and a new album called tough Village.

We get to peek at one of the songs “kimi ni shikanai mono” and hear some nice reggae-ish pop sounds. Lecca has this Shakira-type yodel that’s pretty much her signature voice. It’s great on this.

Tough Village comes out on 8.6.2014 at CDJapan.

Visit lecca’s official website for more.


Sugar Parade- “My HERO” MV

Sugar Parade, you’re my hero.

Yep, that’s a Ferris Bueller reference..  but quite necessary, I mean there is a Ferris Wheel in the background of Sugar Parade’s carnival fair setting video for “My HERO.”

If you have missed female fronted pop rock, Sugar Parade should hit that sweet tooth. It’s a very servicable song with a cute lead singer in a cute black hat.  The band all rides merry-go-rounds and roller coasters together and it’s cute too. Cute cute cute.

Sugar Parade’s 1st mini album 7 Seven drops on 7.30.2014. Score it at CDJapan. Then get ready for their 2nd mini album 8 EIGHT to follow in August.

Read about both CDs at Sugar Parade’s official website.


KPOP HIGHLIGHT: SKULL- “I’m getting married” MV feat. Eugene of The SEEYA

SKULL is getting married? Not exactly.  Tat-sleeved Korean Reggae artist SKULL sings it in “I’m getting married” with the help of Eugene from The SEEYA.

The video takes place in Hong Kong and shows his turbulent love for his lady, er friend? or fiance? Who knows but his significant other runs away in a wedding dress and ends up with a creepy skull tattoo on her face and SKULL ends up drunk off his ass in the street.

Isn’t that how all marriages should be? This video is full of feels. Anger, sadness, happiness, sexiness and more sadness.

Dig it. You should buy this album King O’Irie too now from US iTunes released on 7.17.2014.

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