Nissy- “GIFT” MV

Nissy drops a Christmas “GIFT” in your lap this holiday season.  Yes, one of the members of AAA continues his Michael Jackson moves in a very bright new single.

“GIFT” is an excellent pop track wrapped inside a 7 minute J-dorama video. It’s all smiles this Christmas.

All the  youtube comments are about how great Nissy’s voice is. Well, the man can sing. He can dance and he’s got boyish charms. That’s the trifecta, folks. His gifts are your gifts.

Grab this digital single at

Grab your hat and head over to Nissy’s official website for more.

Femme Fatale- “JUDGEMENT-the die has been cast-” MV

Is Femme Fatale the “ultimate goth band?” Well they say they are anyway, and they do look the part with their black garments, costume jewelry and big hair. Take a look at their latest fashion in “JUDGEMENT-the die has been cast-” and judge for yourself!

While I may not be the biggest goth head, I do enjoy nice metal licks blended into symphonic mastery. Femme Fatale is straight up visual kei and lead singer Kaya just needs to accept it. There is nothing wrong with it, it fact they are damn good at what they do.

Their first full album Arcana is a whopping 22 tracks! It’s out 12.24.2014. Talk about a good Christmas gift; score it at CDJapan.

Meet these dudes at Femme Fatale’s official website.

Video Pantsu: Trident- “Blue Snow” MV short

Don’t eat the blue snow unless you want to transport into JPOP electronic dance territory. Trident turn a solemn choral arrangement into EDM fare in the transformative track “Blue Snow.”

So light a candle and crank the BPM and try to learn the arm movements with the girl group Trident.  We do get a lot of the song, which is nice, but this is a video pantsu moment that cuts off right when it starts to get good.

Trident’s “Blue Snow” single lands on 1.28.2015 at CDJapan. Catch it on your tongue.

Read more about Trident at FlyingDog’s website.

Check out the flautist in cero’s “Orphans” MV

Hold on to your flute loops, cero busts out the real deal in this old school band jam “Orphans.”

Somewhere underneath all the whistles, a flautist plays the hook. You’ve got to listen closely. Once that grabs you, it’s a slow tempo brass band sway that makes “Orphans” a genuine winner.

It’s sexy, it’s smooth and wonderful R&B mastery for a night time hold-your-babe tight tune.

This Orphans single drops on 12.17.2014 at CDJapan.

Toot your way over to CERO’s geocities website.

GOTIT & 呼煙魔- “DEAR MY…” MV

If you’ve seen any of GOTIT & 呼煙魔’s other videos, you know these guys are knuckleheads.  Yet they bring the warmth with the true-to-my-seed single “DEAR MY…” that shows you what family is all about.

The little girl is adorable in this and we get some cool home footage of these darling growing up. If anything this video shows GOTIT & 呼煙魔 have a lot of heart.

As for this dope song, it has a great old school loop and I think the little girl even drops of few “yo yo!” s and “1-2″ 1-2″‘s at the end of the song. That is beyond KAWAII.

As you can see this dude has plenty of mouths to feed. Support GOTIT & 呼煙魔 by buying the hilariously titled UNDER BOOB out 12.17.2014 at CDJapan.

GOTIT’s twitter.

WAYZ- “Your dream is my dream” MV

WAYZ couldn’t have done this without you. These hip hop punk homies add some autotune twang to their latest single “Your dream is my dream.”

It sounds like a slow tempo Nelly track. Word to herd. But these guys are cool enough to add subtitles so you can read along.

These guys defy description. Their last song was a rap rock fusion track, and this is so southern rap, it couldn’t be any more different.

Their 2nd digital EP dropped back on 11.26.2014 at iTunes.JP.

WAYZ now has a website. Also check WAYZ twitter and blog feeds.

RYOJI & SKA PUNK ZOMBIES- “Ska Punk Bastards” MV

Wave your hands from side to side, ya bastard! ‘Cause RYOJI & SKA PUNK ZOMBIES are here to move you with “Ska Punk Bastards.”

These guys made up of a lot of ex-POTSHOT members keep it short and sweet and extremely brass. Great horns and punk working together on this track.

This song is part of the SKA PUNK’s NOT DEAD album which was released on 6.4.2014 at

Read more about this group at TV-freak records website.

Kumaki Anri- “Anatadatta” MV

Don’t you just want to snuggle up in a blanket with Kumaki Anri’s “Anatadatta?” Light a few candles and enjoy her newest piano ballad.

It’s an extremely pretty song. The violins add that emotional weight to her light vocals to bring on the feels.  Wow. Did I just type that?

Ikiteiru ga Yue is set for a Dec 17th, 2014 release. CDJapan is your source.

Kumaki Anri’s website is lovely.


Pokota- “Kurayami no Cinderella” MV

This is not your mother’s fairy tale. Pokota creates an adult version of Cinderella full of espionage, spiked drinks, lust, desire, and lounge singing in “Kurayami no Cinderella.”

It’s darker than usual, but it seems to still have that fairy tale ending. No one dies! No one gets handcuffed either.

Pokota’s “Kurayami no Cinderella” kind of sounds like a theme to a James Bond flick. So if you like those grandiose spy soundtrack songs, this is pretty much on point.

Find your glass slipper on 1.7.2014 at CDJapan.

It’s all purple over at Pokota’s official website.


Megu to Patron- “Ending Song” MV

Meg and Patron throw back to the early 80’s hip hop sensibilities with their latest “Ending Song,”

It’s a bleepy computerized pop gem that brings back memories of old school Tom Tom Club’s “genius of love.” It’s twinkly pop hip hop rap with digital drum beats that’s happy good time music.

The video is one giant flow chart of mushroom faces and chemical constructs that bewilders and excites me. I don’t understand it, but I like it.

Follow Meg and Patron on twitter.

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