Yurumerumo! – “Tabi no Shitaku” LIQUIDROOM live ver. MV

Check out a live performance video of Yurumerumo! in action at the LIQUIDROOM with the rocking “Tabi no Shitaku.”

With all the dancing and jumping the girls’s vocals are a little bit huffy, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this seven minute spectacle.

The crowd has glow sticks, there is a giant disco ball and a weird girl cut-out just sitting in the right hand corner of the stage. All the while the song rocks out a crazy guitar riff and has a crazy jazzy breakdown.

The girls’ wave their hands around like witches forming circles around certain member’s solo parts. It’s like some weird gypsy dance.

If what you see excites you, then grab the Unforgettable Final Odyssey released on 7.9.2014 at CDJapan. As for me, I’m exhausted.

Meet all the girls over at Yurumerumo!’s official website.


Celebrating an early Birthday with two new CDs

At my age I have to buy my own birthday presents. So take a look as I celebrate my 40th birthday early this weekend. Up top is the unpackaging and then below are two more videos that break down the two CDs I’ve added to my collection.

Watch as I open up KOHH’s monochrome!

And as my son says “Part III,” check out winnie’s Nostalgic Evolution.

Looks like I have some cool music to hold me over til Christmas!



Have you mastered your “punk rock face?” THE FOREVER YOUNG have you looking cross-eyed in their fabulous screamer “Hello Goodbye.”

Not only is the band shredding punk rock style, they are also shredding pieces of paper and shredding their throats from all the screaming. Cool beans. You say goodbye, I say Hello Hello.

Find “Hello Goodbye” on THE FOREVER YOUNG’s self-titled album out 11.12.2014 at CDJapan.

Do yourself a favor and read up on THE FOREVER YOUNG’s biography. It’s worth a chuckle.



If you are a high school drop out, you better believe you can get a job. Or you could start a punk rock band. DROP OUT PUNKS sha-na-na-na to it in “BELIEVERS.”

These guys are straight up big hair punk. No mohawks, just stick your finger in a light socket hair explosion.

“BELIEVERS” is a chugger but rocks thanks to a cool 80’s guitar solo.

Here Come the Rebels was released back on 5.14.2014. Score it at CDJapan.

Stay in school at DROP OUT PUNKS official website. Like DROP OUT PUNKS on Facebook.


Video Pantsu: LOVELY★DOLL- “Bargain girl” MV short

Ooh and aah over the funky night-time synth pop from LOVELY★DOLL in “Bargain girl.”

The song has a great pulsing throbbing beat and just oozes sexy. LOVELY★DOLL looks like they are used to cameras watching too. We only see part of this “Bargain girl” video, but it’s enough that you’ll want to see the full thing.

Expect this single to drop on 11.26.2014. CDJapan is accepting preorders.

See the girls up close and personal at their official website.


KPOP Highlight: HiNi- “Clutch Bag” MV

God, I want that purse! Hi.Ni has her eyes on the “Clutch Bag” prize in this window shopping video.

Bring me back to some jazzy R&B… HiNi  might look and sound serious, but when she playfully “la-la-las” you see she’s absolutely stunning when she smiles. “Clutch Bag” is an R&B pop hit.

This song also features a little rap from 양동근. Word.

Open up your clutch and shell out for her album also called Clutch Bag out 10.24.2014 at Yesasia.

Like HiNi on Facebook.


MARTER releases full MV for “Mori no Kotoba”

Not to long ago I wrote about MARTER’s teaser video for “Mori no Kotoba.” This beautifully rendered animated video with lush landscapes that just happens to accompany a smooth R&B snap jam. Well, here’s the full MV.

So damn good! The song and the video. These other worldly creatures look so cool.

Songs of Four Seasons. just came out on 10.18.2014 at Amazon.co.jp.

Follow MARTER on twitter.


Dizzle- “Bubble Butt” MV

Fo’ shizzle, here’s brand new Dizzle. “Bubble Butt” is an animated booty dance with lots of cool pastel colors.

The song is a rap reggae autotune electro track which is less like reggaeton and more like reggae-tron. So how many times can you sing “Bubble Butt?” An ass-ton.

So shake it fass’ over to CDJapan and grab Dizzle’s album Juice that cranked out on 6.18.2014.

Like Dizzle on Facebook.


Well isn’t this Convenience? The J-rock band

Isn’t this Convenience? Of course it is. This band with soft melodies has an overly long song title “何の為に歌っているかと聞かれたら 君を幸せにする為に歌っているって、そう答えるよ” or if you prefer the google translation:

“Nani no tame ni utatte iru ka to kika retara kimi o shiawaseni suru tame ni utatte iru tte, sō kotaeru yo.”

The lead singer with the croony voice, the sweeping strings add an airy vibe to the lowly chugging guitars. The piano holds this whole song together.

Convenience is releasing their album Voice on 11.5.2014 at CDJapan.

Here are the links to their website and Facebook for your added Convenience.






Hats, hats, hats, hats, hats, hats, bandana! DJ RYOW’s got the beats to have you clapping in your cabana! It’s a boys life “New Era” track that is for all the hip hop bros thanks to the talented DJ RYOW and rappers SOCKS, STEALER, GIANGO & YUKSTA-ILL.

You’ll wanna throws some ‘bows on this banger of a rap song. Also don’t forget to wear your tightest hat.

This is a hot song off of DJ RYOW’s #IDWT In Dreams We Trust album that dropped in August. Hit up CDJapan for your copy.

DJ RYOW’s website is straight up dark.

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