KPOP in my JPOP: Juno Lee- “Love will find the way back home” lyric MV

The more I hear Juno Lee’s voice, the more I realize how talented this suave dude really is.  He’s South Korean and jumps from the USA to Japan. And he found his way back home to Tokyo in this wonderful love song “Love will find the way back home.”

There’s is a nice airplane jumping metaphor, with two jumpers swirling around each other in the air. Love love!

Anyway, he just released a self-titled single on 9.3.2014. Score it at CDJapan.

Read more about this international sensation at Juno Lee’s official website.


MIYAVI questions reality with the thumping “Real?” MV

Look. There is no way that Miyavi is going to kill the groove. This dude is super groovy and funky. And not only is he a badass, you know he demands the world’s attention when VEVO envelops your music channel. Dance your ass off to Miyavi’s “Real?”

The lyrics talk about getting lost in technology, Facebook likes and the virtual world, and he still finds a way to make it funky. Awesome.

Real? was released on 9.10.2014. Score it at CDJapan.

I think Miyavi is actually yawning at his official website. Don’t tell me he’s bored already?




porapora. – “Miracle Travel” MV

Let’s go and “Miracle Travel” over synth-pop dreams with porapora.

It’s very bubbly synthesizer space age fun, yet the first thing that grabs your attention is the lower octive that porapora. sings from. It’s not squeaky J-pop, this is more my speed and level.

So dance along with porapora. all the way over to CDJapan and grab the Miracle Travel album out 10.8.2014.

Check out her official website with info on her live shows.



Day tripper- “Contradiction” MV

The only thing I can make out from Day tripper’s “Contradiction” is that the drummer might be a Spurs fan as he wears a San Antonio jersey. That’s it.

The song is an overlong unintelligible scream that surprisingly only lasts 1:22. The video is just close ups of instruments and lots and lots of hair.  You know what? I like it.

If the title of Day tripper’s new album 13songs,16minutes instead of greeting is any indication, expect a very short punk rock out. Look for it on November 5th, 2014 at Amazon.co.jp.

Hit up Day tripper’s official website for more goodness.



SAWA- “Kimi to bartender” MV

Pull up a stool and grab a cocktail at the bar with SAWA in “Kimi to bartender.” I’m sure her awkward dancing won’t detract from her beauty, although it is pretty awkward.

SAWA’s indie pop is as unique as her fuzzy braclet, it’s cool and weird. She sounds slightly off-key and sings over 70’s jazz flute and orchestral synth in “Kimi to bartender.” That’s something.

Look out for RingaRinga out today 9.24.2014 at CDJapan.

Taste the raspberries at SAWA’s official website.



Yoshizawa Kayoko throws “kekeke” signs in new MV

You have to look serious when throwing “kekeke” signs, even when wearing a black pointy cone head. Yoshizawa Kayoko’s crew is dead seriously funny in this hairy video for “kekeke.”

So I guess they (the black pointy cones) are hair follicles. And they will be shaved! So raise those armpits and start shaving.

What a silly little song. Find it on the album Maboroshi Club, out 10.22.2014 at CDJapan.

Check out Yoshizawa Kayoko’s official website. Also peep her Facebook page.



Team Shachihoko spread their wings in “Colors” MV

Team Shachihoko know how to fill an arena. Their performance video for “Colors” is packed with people.

And the girls are drenched in sweat, so they must have put on quite a few numbers before recording the video for “Colors.” Yet, Team Shachihoko show they command the stage. They have swaggar in their routines and never miss a mark.

Their outfits are pretty cool too. Short fairy wings, goggles, colorful cammo one-piece vest/shorts, it’s hip and functional.

Very cool. Look for Team Shachihoko’s first album Himatsubushi released 8.20.2014 at CDJapan.

It’s all yellow over at Team Shachihoko’s official website.


Video Pantsu: Abe Mao- “Sorezore Aruki Daso” MV short

Take a bike ride in the country with Abe Mao in “Sorezore Aaruki Daso.” It’s a mix of country folk with twinkly bells and synth pop, which just smells of autumn.

Even the colors of this video are burnt red leaf colors. Abe Mao sounds as invigorated as ever; it must be all that fresh air.

Hope this little sneak peak gets you excited for this single out 10.22.2014 at CDJapan.

“Sorezore Auki Daso” is also used as the main theme for Onodera no Ototo, Onodera no Ane. This movie looks weird! Check it out HERE.

Like Abe Mao on Facebook. Visit her official website for more.


Fuyumi Abe- “A thousand days of love” MV

Nod your head to the chill beats of Fuyumi Abe and experience retro CGI animation in the video for “A thousand days of love.”

Fuyumi Abe’s sultry voice warms over airy heavenly floaty sounds and clap claps. The song winds up sounding like old school techno R&B, extremely sexy and lovely.

The video animation has this old school Playstation 2 CGI animation quality to it. It’s a bit sci-fi and claymation all in digitized form. I can appreciate it.

Find “A thousand days of love” of the ABEFUYUMI EP released on 8.20.2014 at CDJapan.

There’s a cool pict of Fuyumi Abe frontin on her official website.




Ayumi Kawakita- ” Yukizora ~ aitakute ~” MV

Slim with the tilted brim is no other than the other Ayumi.. Ayumi Kawakita. Her single “Yukizora ~ aitakute ~” is a strings orchestrated ballad full of the feels.

This song is off her first mini album WINTER LOVE which will be available on iTunes in December of 2014. Read about it on her info page of her official website.

Also, like Ayumi Kawakita on Facebook.


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