EGO- “I Have a Dream feat. Sugar Soul” MV

EGO has a dream. He wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes… “I Have A Dream.”

And it’s so much more than a rap mission statement. EGO collaborates with Sugar Soul, who’s voice is beyond heavenly. She takes “I Have a Dream” to soaring inspirational heights.  So fly away EGO.

EGO’s album Island is sure to be a winner. With guests like ZEEBRA, L-Vokal and ISH-ONE, you gots to swipe this at CDJapan. It just came out on 9.3.2014.

EGO’s blog has more details for you.



Start your day with some HIGH-ENERGIE “BULL SHIT.”

And this ain’t no ordinary Bull Shit either. It’s a sick synthy sample that will pump you up. The rap duo on the mics also are able to hold up to the killer backtrack.

So experience one of your best nights in the club when you download “BULL SHIT” to your phone. This song dropped on itunes.JP on 8.6.2014.

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Professor Sakamoto blows on your cartridge in “Bokura no sekai ni dansu o'” MV

That guy with the Famicom strapped to his helmet is no other than Professor Sakamoto aka Sakamoto Kyoju, and he’s been collecting dance jams in his video for “Bokura no sekai ni dansu o’.”

Being such a fan of old school video games, you should have seen it coming that he would fight himself to save the girl in this dance capturing music video. Yep, this is totally awesome.

The chiptune song with cute-sy vocaloid is also super fun too. Props to Lefty Monster P for the arrangement.

The album Rebuild is out on 9.17.2014 and features artists like SKY-HIGH and Miu Sakamoto. You should preup at CDJapan.

There is much to see over at Professor Sakamoto’s official website.



YURIKA- “Dig it the Vintage feat. Zen-La-Rock” MV

Bounce your way through the vintage hip hop threads shop with Yurika. She’s got Zen-La-Rock in tow as she rocks B-ball jerseys and hats in the awesome track “Dig it the Vintage.”

It’s a bit rap hip hop, and a bit dance party fun. The horns and whistles and Zen-La-Rock just make this song instantly infectious. You will be bouncing all night long.

You got to laugh at some of these clothes though. Zen-La-Rock is rockin’ some Camel cigarette shorts that are like Whoa!

Look out for Yurika’s new album Adiantum slated for 9.17.2014 at CDJapan.

Read up on Yurika at her blog.


The Privates- “Remember” MV

Remember the old dudes of J-rock. The Privates are still kicking around and their single “Remember” is fully of dreamy guitars and really bad 80’s hair.

The song is totally chill and relaxing. It’s like nostalgia, yo! What’s important about The Privates is that they’ve been doing this since 1987.

They are releasing a new album Les beat hi-fi mono on 10.1.2014 which is an awesome 2-CD set. The first CD is the new album songs, but the second CD is a bunch of covers of artists like Fats Domino and Howlin’ Wolf with amazing guests like Okomoto’s and The Neatbeats. Preorder at CDJapan.

Very cool. Read more about it at The Privates official website.


Tofubeats- “Poolside feat. PES (RIP SLYME)” MV

T-O-F-U-beats looks all kinds of creepy as he spies on lovely ladies in this new video for “Poolside” featuring PES of Rip Slyme.

Granted, these girls are very attractive and delving into Tofubeats’ fantasies are humorous and slightly sexy especially with the Talkbox synth doing its magic.

The only downside is that there is no poolside shots or even a swimming pool in the whole video. What?!

Mosey your way over and preup on tofubeats album First Album slated for 10.2.2014 at CDJapan.

There is a special site for this album found HERE. Read more about tofubeats at his official website.


KPOP Highlight: 2pm- “Go Crazy!” MV

Wave your arms all jiggly, make ‘em all squiggly. 2pm, y’all. Time to “Go Crazy!”

Do the Motorcycle! Anyone can do this dance. It’s real easy to to. Check it out. First you lean to the side with your hands out in front holding air handles. It’s like riding an air bike. Then you lean to the other side and go left and right. Kick out your legs and hop around. Just don’t wreck or you’ll pass out.

2pm really is having fun on this song and in their choreography. The song is a total dance disco good time.

They even Go Crazy with the new album. Vol 4 has a monster edition that’s almost $90. Buy it at Yesasia on  9.17.2014 and get the Normal and Grande Editions as well as 2 posters.

You know what time it is! It’s time to like 2pm on Facebook.


Tsubaki- “Hibi no Tobira” MV

Tsubaki is back with a new album Mayonaka no Boku Fukuro to Uso, and their first video off of it is for the song “Hibi no Tobira.”

Experience the day to day behind the scenes of the band as they prepare for concerts, relax and hit the stage. The song is a soft rocker. Very pleasant and cool man.

That new album drops on 9.10.2014 at CDJapan.

Tsubaki’s website has more bits of goodness for you.


MUROZO x SiSY- “Dear Stress” MV

Get back to nature and squash stress with MUROZO x SiSY. Yes! “Dear Stress” is a killer collaboration from rapper MUROZO and sexy R&B singer SiSY.

SiSY stuns next to waterfalls and open beaches. MUROZO spins in the desert and in jungle trees. “Dear Stress” is a dope track that sounds a bit Jamaican, with awesome electronic beats and synth.

You’ll want more for sure. So it’s even cooler that MUROZO x SiSY have a whole album called PUZZLE out 9.10.2014 at CDJAPAN.

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FIRE BALL- “It’s All Good” MV

FIRE BALL’s brand of island tropical reggae rap is indeed ALL GOOD. “It’s All Good” will make you want to visit the coast one last time before summer ends.

These four dudes all have great voices and looks like they can bodyboard with the best brahs out in the water.

The song and video is a great reflection of island life and there is even an awesome guitar solo on this breezy track. Love the chorus bit about “The Sun in Shining… burning over my soul.” Clap along with FIRE BALL.

Look for their album ONE released back on 7.16.2014 at CDJapan.

Read more about FIRE BALL at their official website.


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