KPOP Highlight: SISTAR- “I Swear” MV

I swear.. this might be your last chance for fun this summer, cuz school is coming back into session. You should probably watch this SISTAR video for “I Swear” and get your ya-ya’s out.

Raid the supermarket. Go cruising to the beach. Hop the fence. Jump in the pool. Dance on the beach. SISTAR shows you how to make the most of the last days of summer.

And I swear that SISTAR is looking more than fine. Wowsers. And while you might be stunned by theses cuties, the song is a great pop song too.

It’s probably going to be the highlight on a special album. Seriously, the album is Sistar Special Album Sweet and Sour out 8.28.2014 at Yesasia.

Like SISTAR on Facebook.


Team Makenki- “Mugen, Fly High!” MV

Prepare to hit a brick wall of The Possible, Up Up Girls and Kikkawa You. All together they make up Team Makenki, and all together they soar on”Mugen, Fly High!”

They don’t need wings to fly because they have their own flock. The girls all sound great together and put on a team effort in the jumpy single “Mugen, Fly High!”

You can hit the skies with them on 9.17.2014. Preorder their single from CDJapan.

This website details all three groups. But each individual website for The Possible, Up Up Girls and Kikkawa You has more info.



BAD ATTACK- “Riarumi” MV

Shirts aren’t required for rocking out with BAD ATTACK.

Soak up the sweat from a stage performance video of BAD ATTACK. They are fist pumping out a killer rock song along with a lot of other bands in their video for “Riarumi.”

BAD ATTACK dropped their second full length album DANCE on 4.30.2014. Order it from CDJapan and Yesasia.

The sky is blue at BAD ATTACK’s official website.


KPOP Highlight: Hoody- “Baby Oh Baby” MV

Wow. Hoody drops a 90’s style R&B song that will have you going “Baby Oh Baby,” it’s so good.

Your helium filled goldfish baloon will wag it’s tale in glee, this is some smooth stuff by Hoody. Youtube commenters are already hoping Hoody sticks to this format because it’s a fresh sound in the KPOP scene right now. I totally agree.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you can find this single at an online retailer soon. If you want to be friends with Hoody on Facebook, you better ask nicely.


TWO-nothing- “just remember this now” MV

TWO-nothing’s surprising harmonies stand out on their dreamy rock single “just remember this now.”

I was expecting fast punk and instead I got a nice pretty emo rock song out of this.

The video is just a performance clip vid but it’s also an extended promotional video for TWO-nothing and TAGNUTS split album entitled NOTHING FOUND FOR TAG out 9.24.2014.

Tea for two over at TWO-nothing’s official website.


Suiyobi no Campanella- “Sen’no rikyu” MV

You don’ t need to follow a magical wisk to hear the new Suiyobi no Campanella, but you might want to anyway.

It just might lead you to this dancey rappy little number “Sen’no rikyu.” And let me say the video is a little bit crazy. The lead singer drinks some green concoction by a lady who may or may not be real or dead or whatever.

You can dance to this song. It’s trippy. Like it. Love it.

Check what day it is over at Suiyobi no Campanella’s official website.



CAMOUFLAGE’s “Domestic Natsu Girl” MV rocks

Need a round the way girl? How bout a Domestic Summer Girl? CAMOUFLAGE make the most of their summer in the video for “Domestic Natsu Girl.”

These eccentrically dressed girl look like they are dressed for summer in a fantasy world with brightly colored outfits and frilly bits around their shorts, dresses and ankle socks. And they do all the summertime fun stuff you expect, like playing with waterguns, inflatable beach balls and playing on the beach.

But there are a couple of cool things of note. The biggest being the girl in black brandishing the guitar. If she’s actually playing it, then that is awesome.

Secondly, is the metal-ish headbanging breakdown. Has BabyMetal brought an increase of the heavy to idol music?

Finally, at the end of the video it says the song was produced by NAOTO of Orange Range. That’s also pretty exciting.

The song just dropped on 8.20.2014 and you can score it at

Strap on your camo gear over at CAMOUFLAGE’s official website.



Chubbiness- “Manmadeiya!” MV

Um. Are you hungry for a new idol group? Cuz I’ve never heard of Chubbiness before and I don’t know what to think of their single “Manmedeiya!”

First off, these girls are anything but chubby. The video shows them flaunting food and exercising like they might have a few pounds to lose, but really they look pretty normal to me. And by normal, I mean actually healthy.

So whatever Japan. You’ve stumped me on this one. If anything after watching this video, you’ll realize these girls know how to dance hard.

Round your way over to Chubbiness’ official website and tell them they are perfect just the way they are.



Video Pantsu: MAX- “情熱のZUMBA” MV short

Can you feel the burn? The ZUMBA fitness dance craze is getting a boost from Avex Trax and their pop group MAX.

These three girls are tiring me out already just watching them shake it with the song “情熱のZUMBA.”  Plus they breathe fire to make things really hot. Geesh, I’m sweating.

The song is an intense dance workout song, like a Latin American dance thing where the girls repeat Zumba Zumba Zumba to infinity.

Since this is the short version, I’m assuming this song is like 30 minutes long.. since it’s basically an exercise song. But if hot girls keep you exercising, it’s worth it. Right?

MAX website MAX facebook. MAX Zumba single at CDJapan.


ONE OK ROCK- “Decision” (featured in Fool Cool Rock)

ONE OK ROCK TOUR FOOTAGE! If you love behind the scenes footage of one of Japan’s greatest exports, then “Decision” will not disappoint.

If you hate Kings of Leon songs, then “Decision” will disappoint, cuz it sounds like a Kings of Leon song. Still, it’s only parts of the song and the riff that are similar. You still have Taka’s distinct vocals to carry you away and distract from those similarities.

This song is basically a B-side anyway, so I’ll give it a pass. Besides, I still like it anyway! Nyahh!

Buy the Mighty Long Fall/Decision single from US iTunes now.

Hit up One OK ROCK’s official website.


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