Uhnellys Chord Album Review

chordcoversmallUhnellys are the funkier hip hop version of the White Stripes. I don’t know if that’s how they promote themselves, but they should. This duo Kim and Midi have found a way to breathe life into hip hop and rap, jazz, and rock with their mouthful of words, dope beats and inescapable trumpet.

They have released a few albums and singles, but the Rage like rock of their single “Doors” sold me on their latest album Chord.

It’s the first song on the album and it’s like Rage Against the Machine and your local college football band created a universal anthem. “Blackout” immediately follows with more fast paced rhymes and rickety guitars. The cymbals smash and ring out almost overpowering the shout along chorus. These two songs are strong.

“Chord” slows things down to a stumble but the slick drumbeat keeps your head up.

“Minority Rule” is the jazzier of the tracks on the album. Upbeat bass and snappy horns add a swing-like sound and is a record highlight.

“Bowowow” growls over percolating music drops. “No Future” and “7″ get a little more experimental and less structured., but the band reel it back in for “Letter From” and the superb “Rollin’ Morning.”

“Rollin’ Morning” rises and shines for the last track on the album. The cymbals crash while Kim blazes through lyrics and yet the song still seems rather quiet. It’s another must own track.

For nine songs, this album will go by really quickly and there are some solid singles.  Grab Chord at CDJapan.

Overall it’s a worthy buy, a 7.5 out of 10 for the album with a cool factor 11.



Codomo Dragon- “Children’s Dope” MV

Get on the dance floor and dodge the laser beams with Codomo Dragon and their single “Children’s Dope.”

For a visual kei band, these guys have some energy. The bass is banging, the guitars are a bit disco and the lyrics are fast. It’s like hard rock disco that jingles and jangles.

I think the anime con folks would eat these guys up. Look out for Codomo Dragon’s first full length album out 4.16.2014 at CDJapan and Yesasia.

Follow the band on twitter.


Yama Yuri- “ばぁちゃん” MV

There is nothing cooler than sitting on the back porch rocking out with an acoustic guitar with your Grandma. Yama Yuri take a trip down memory lane with “Ba ~achan,”  or “ばぁちゃん” or old lady!

The two that make up Yama Yuri, Yama is vocals and guitar, Yuri is drums. Yuri knows how to beat on that (amp?) box. She’s a trip!

Cool song and a very cool group. They have an album  また、逢いましょう。slated for 5.7.2014 at

Get a closer look at that percussion box over at Yama Yuri’s official website.



KPOP Highlight: Block B hits the “Jackpot” in new MV

BLOCK B tries to raise your tentpole in their latest wacky single “Jackpot.” Unfortunately, this song is a colorful mess.

It’s one of those crazy singles where weird tries to win you over, but the song lacks the umph to dance to and the hook to sing a long with.

Even the video with it’s bright eye catching  primary color palate should excite, but instead dulls under the Big Top Tent.

I give it a big ol’ meh. Still if you are a Block B fanboy then head over to Yesasia and get the CD + photobook out 4.17.2014.

Like Block B on Facebook.


Mayu Wakisaka- “Once” MV

Once, I actually played xylophone in a school play. But I’m not as cool as pixie Mayu Wakisaka. She knows how to rock the bells in “Once.”

Such a cute song about meeting each other, “Once” dings along nicely. Plus the song is in English and the lyrics scroll across the screen so you can sing along. I hope we get to see Mayu Wakisaka again in another video.

Find Mayu Wakisaka’s new album Halfway to You out 4.16.2014 at CDJapan and Yesasia.

Mayu Wakisaka’s official website has some wild pictures flashing for you.




KPOP Highlight: Sihwan Park- “I Just Loved You” MV

Sihwan Park just loved you. In case you missed it, you better check your phone.

Man, the guy can sing. “I Just Loved You” shows you just how strong Park’s voice is. It’s a great pop song with a very cool concept of video on 3 phones getting shifted around.

I guess this guy was part of a TV contest Superstar K5 in Korea. Well he deserves this official debut album.

Vol 1 Mini Album Spring Awakening drops on 4.16.2014. Buy it at Yesasia and get the free poster in a tube.




KPOP Highlight: NS Yoon-G- “Yasisi” MV

NS Yoon-G will make you feel things in funny places with her extremely sexy video for “Yasisi.”

This video is a screencappers dream. Count how many times NS Yoon-G sticks out her butt.. if you lose count, it’s ok just watch the video again! It’s one thing that the video is all money-shots, but the song is hot too.

The “get crazy with it” breakdown is happy dance party time! You have horns going nuts, ladies and fellas going “ooh ah ooh ooh ah.” The song is super fun.

Crawl back into bed with NS Yoon-G at her official website and read more about the new mini-album which was released on 4.3.2014.

Score it at Yesasia.



Leyline bunnyhops into your heart with “My Car Keys”

Oh what a fun Friday. Leyline start the weekend off right with the super cool hopper “My Car Keys.”  But you just can’t go anywhere until we find them!

This is pop punk at it’s most humorous. The song is about a common occurrence, losing your car keys. The band Leyline sing along right into the camera like they are posed for a family photo.

And then the one member of the group with the lollipop is kind of creepy. Creepy funny.

Awesome song. Check out Leyline’s official website to see where you can find this single.


Tsuzuri Zukuri- “Tsubame” MV

The drummer for Tsuzuri Zukuri is a bongo beast in this fast beat single “Tsubame.”

The piano keys are banging, the drums are multiple and the strings carry you away on this song.

The song looks like it’s connected to a J-dorama… about school life and badminton. Oh shuttlecocks! If it’s not, then cheers to the director for making an engaging video.

Get more details at Tsuzuri Zukuri’s website.

Preorder the album Kagigaeshi out 4.16.2014 at CDJapan.


discourage- “ライン” MV

Discourage chugs out a winner in  “ライン.” The harmonies are sexy and fragile and the guitars go garage grunge midway through the single (which I love.) This is rocking stuff.

Yes, occasionally I steal one away from and this was one worth swiping. But I discourage you from doing the same, because stealing is wrong.

Discourage’s album World Fish swims your way on 4.23.2014 at CDJapan and Yesasia.

I do encourage you to visit discourage’s official website.


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