Dizzle- “Bubble Butt” MV

Fo’ shizzle, here’s brand new Dizzle. “Bubble Butt” is an animated booty dance with lots of cool pastel colors.

The song is a rap reggae autotune electro track which is less like reggaeton and more like reggae-tron. So how many times can you sing “Bubble Butt?” An ass-ton.

So shake it fass’ over to CDJapan and grab Dizzle’s album Juice that cranked out on 6.18.2014.

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Well isn’t this Convenience? The J-rock band

Isn’t this Convenience? Of course it is. This band with soft melodies has an overly long song title “何の為に歌っているかと聞かれたら 君を幸せにする為に歌っているって、そう答えるよ” or if you prefer the google translation:

“Nani no tame ni utatte iru ka to kika retara kimi o shiawaseni suru tame ni utatte iru tte, sō kotaeru yo.”

The lead singer with the croony voice, the sweeping strings add an airy vibe to the lowly chugging guitars. The piano holds this whole song together.

Convenience is releasing their album Voice on 11.5.2014 at CDJapan.

Here are the links to their website and Facebook for your added Convenience.






Hats, hats, hats, hats, hats, hats, bandana! DJ RYOW’s got the beats to have you clapping in your cabana! It’s a boys life “New Era” track that is for all the hip hop bros thanks to the talented DJ RYOW and rappers SOCKS, STEALER, GIANGO & YUKSTA-ILL.

You’ll wanna throws some ‘bows on this banger of a rap song. Also don’t forget to wear your tightest hat.

This is a hot song off of DJ RYOW’s #IDWT In Dreams We Trust album that dropped in August. Hit up CDJapan for your copy.

DJ RYOW’s website is straight up dark.



For everything I love about ONE OK ROCK, I hate about MY FIRST STORY. Yes both lead singers of the groups are brothers, and MY FIRST STORY always seems to fall in ONE OK ROCK’s shadow. Well the reason is still painfully obvious, they have no desire to break out.

“Kyogen NEUROSE” is a seven minute video of more emo rock. That alone reeks of desperation.  Lead singer Hiro sounds like a child when he screams and he drives a Porsche. C’mon now, son.

And there is nothing I would want more than to enjoy this. Cool synth and an astute backing band can clearly play, lots of great opportunities here. Yet, dang I just can’t get myself to enjoy these guys.

But for all you guys that do love MY FIRST STORY, look for their new album also called Kyogen NEUROSE out 10.29.2014 at CDJapan.

Keep working at it MY FIRST STORY. I’ll still like you on Facebook, just because.


EXILE ATSUSHI Feat. P-CHO- “First Christmas” MV

Holy Christmas balls! Are we really doing this already? Dammit, EXILE ATSUSHI with P-CHO (DOBERMAN INFINITY) are ringing in the holiday season already with R&B jingle jams in “First Christmas.”

The man with the golden mustache who looks a little to much like George Michael in his heyday is back to raise a glass to Christmas time. So won’t you snuggle up with him?

Find this song on the Precious Love single out 10.29.2014 at CDJapan.

Boys boys boys and All things EXILE at their official website.


unicycle dio- “Muddy” MV

Unicycle dio are pedaling their way into rock stardom one wheel at a time in “Muddy.” Wait, they only have one wheel! Anyhoo, this band is giving you a taste of dirt now before serving up lots of rock for 2015.

At least Space Shower Music makes it sound like these guys are going to blow up next year. They do shine with twin guitar wailing action, even though it is impossible to see anything in this poorly lit video.

See the band more clearly at their official website. Keep your eyes peeled more more music in 2015!


GELLERS- “Cumparsita” MV

Put on your Miami Vice white blazer, rainbow blocker sunglasses and blow that 80’s saxophone with GELLERS on “Cumparsita.”

Your flip phone will remind you that it’s cool! Just when you think the sax is so so smooth is starts neighing like a goat. This is the wackiest sexiest retro 80’s video ever. Oh yeah!

Learn more about the Gellers Cumparsita single at Summer of Fan and don’t be afraid to show off that boner.

It’s all rainbows and snakes at GELLERS official website.


video pantsu: i☆Ris- “Miracle ☆ Paradise” MV short

Let’s go and punch the sky with excitement! i☆Ris will cheer you on in their J-pop jumper “Miracle ☆ Paradise.”

Yep, it’s a theme song to the super girl anime Puri Para. Check out the girly bling at the anime’s website.

More details about the anime tie-in follow at i☆Ris’ website.

As for the song “Miracle ☆ Paradise,” it sounds like an anime theme song.  We actually get a lot of the video of the girls with frilly dresses and cheer pom poms before it fades out after 3 minutes or so. Cute.

Grab the group’s 7th single at CDJapan out 11.12.2014.



This DJ KM Remix of JOYSTICKK’s “LOLLIPOP” is so sick you’ll be heaving over your toilet!

This is a serious banger that will get you wilin’ out your seat and hanging by your high heels. KOHH makes every track better and his verse will tie you up in knots.

Ladies will get a kick out of JOYSTICKK’s shower scene, dudes will enjoy seeing YURISA in a wedding gown.

It’s an extremely dope and weird ass video. “LOLLIPOP” the regular track and remix are both on JOYSTICKK’s album Zero Gravity.

Find it floating around at CDJapan (released 10.15.2014).

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Oha-Girl Fuwawa- “トロイメライライン” Dance MV

Oha-Girl dance in circles in the cuteness overload dance version of their single “トロイメライライン.”

These three girls hop around with framing hand movements to an adorable bubbly pop song. Their ages range from 12 to 14 years old.

Google translate tells me the song is “Traumerei Line,” not sure if that’s right, but what the hey. It’s Friday and you can dance along and just enjoy the fun.

Meet the oha-girls at their official website. Pony up for the CD+DVD combo from CDJapan on 11.4.2014.


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