Anny jailhouse rock through the “PAIN” in new MV

Getting locked up in the slammer isn’t all that bad when the warden is the lead singer of Anny. The band’s latest single “PAIN” brings so much jailhouse rock pleasure to your ears.

You’ll be bouncing off your jail cell bars because “PAIN” is an infectious rock track. Just don’t go nuts or the warden will beat you with her staff and the bassist is also a bit of a monster. Who knows what will happen if he gets loose.

“PAIN” rocks with a nice high pitched guitar solo, a tiny drum breakdown but most importantly the upbeat tone keeps things hoppin’.

ANNY has a new album dropping on Dec 17th, 2014 called Naitemo Iiyan. Preup at CDJapan.

Like ANNY on Facebook and hit up their official website.

UNCHAIN wants you to dance in “Easy Come, Easy Go” MV

Clap your hands everybody! Everybody clap your hands. UNCHAIN wants you up and dancing in the clap-tastic disco rocker “Easy Come, Easy Go.”

The band’s 7th album N.E.W.S. was devoted to a DISCO theme and “Easy Come, Easy Go” begs you to clap it out on the dance floor.

The video looks to have friends, bands and families rocking out for a few seconds of youtube fame, and it’s highly entertaining.

Originally released on 7.10.2014, you can still grab their album at CDJapan.

UNCHAIN your disco balls over at their official website.

Satomimagae will make you feel again with a stunning “Niji” MV

You might not hear a more emotional piece this week. Satomimagae’s “Niji” is drenched in sorrow sounding vocals, and yet it’s also so amazingly beautiful. It’s that deeper voice with the acoustic guitar that will melt you. And the harmonies..

The video is just a bunch of random footage of insects and heavenly skies, but it definitely brings out the introspective thoughts. This is soooo good.

Whoa now.. you might want to look for Satomimagae’s KoKo album on 12.10.2014 at CDJapan.

Satomimagae’s website is in English and Japanese. More info on this album release can be found at White Paddy Mountain.



SHINGO★西成- “Kiribana no issho” MV

Ya boy SHINGO★西成, a.k.a. SHINGO Nishinari is slow rapping “Kiribana no issho” and all I can think about is what is that girl doing behind the piano.

I don’t even think there is piano on this talky track. But whateva man, SHINGO★西成 is spitting the truth to the young bright youth. Just look at the flowers.

At least the beat is tight. Try your digital outlets for this single. Wear sneakers around your head at Shingo Nishinari’s official website.

KPOP Highlight: Nu.D- “Insane” MV

Nu.D is more of a K-rapper but any song that relies on heavy amounts of clapping beats borders on KPOP. Nu.D is only slightly “Insane” in his newest single.

The video is a crisp black and white flick which incorporates banging beats and old school instruments for you to get your freak on. Pretty cool, so get your tussle on to “Insane.”

You can probably check your digital retailers for track info. If you are brave enough friend Yeon-gyu Park on Facebook. He’s the face of Nu.D.

NUUAAMM- “さっぴー” MV

Hippie nomads NUUAAMM are part Aoba Ichiko and Mahito the People. Together they make tiny music. Soft little vocals with acoustic guitar and minimal digi-beats make “さっぴー” special.

It’s safe to call this alternative, because it’s out-there. Yet it’s also warming and nice.

So grab a backpack and look for their self-titled album out 12.10.2014 at

Letters are literally falling at NUUAAMM’s official website.

You’ll see red in predia’s “Utsukushiki Kodoku Tachi” MV

So much red. Predia is dancing in red dresses and red lipstick, practicing their prettiest turns in “Utsukushiki Kokoku Tachi.”

But oh are they lonely beautiful people. Ten girls flipping their hair that just might be looking for a man. These stunners might not make you notice how good the song is. Jumping synth and guitars and all girl chorus might have you vogue-ing in your vehicle.

So Waru Waru Waru over to CDJapan and grab the 12.17.2014 single.

Join the predia-party already in progress at their official website.

Dempa Gumi. inc.- “Denpari Night”MV

There’s no denying that Dempa Gumi. inc. are straight up entertainers. Their Vaudvillian act in “Denpari Night” is full of exciting fireworks and overacting as well as spiraling special effects and multiple copies of each girl in the group.

There is almost too much going on. But that seems to be the point. Dempa Gumi. inc. are cranking out dizzying music that sounds like JPOP set to whizz-bang cartoon themes. And yet “Denpari Night” does take a little breather before flashing it up again with weird looking mascots and electric neon colored dresses.

So go hyper with this single out 11.26.2014 at CDJapan.

See star over at Dempa Gumi Inc.’s official website.

Negicco catch the Christmas Spirit in “Hikari no shupuru” MV

Winter is indeed coming. But why wait? Negicco go straight to where there is snow and reindeer in their latest video for “Hikari no shupru” (spur of light).

And while it’s a seasonal single, the video is straight up Santa Claus. Watch as Negicco meets the jolly fat man in the big red suit. Jingle your bells off in the cold weather. Just don’t stick your tongue on that metal pipe!

The song is very catchy. You’ll be singing “Winter’s coming” over and over while freezing your tushy off.

Preup on this single slated for 12.2.2014 at CDJapan.

Snuggle up in something warm before heading over to Negicco’s official website.

Apple Saito and the Happy Hercules Boys- “I no sentimento ME” MV

It’s time to throw back and get sentimental. Apple Saito and the Happy Hercules Boys channel their inner 60’s lovechild with the fabulous “I no sentimento ME.”

Parking what looks like a mini fiat in the middle of a field, wearing retro clothes and eating grapes and apples, these guys are totally feeling it. It’s definitely a 60’s ish pop song with twiggy guitars, quite different from their regular punk sounds.

Very cool. Buy their album Radical Boys released on 11.5.2014 at CDJapan.

Get shaken to the core at Apple Saito’s official website.

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