FoZZtone- missing mass PV

After an intense jungle beat of an instrumental in “missing mass” you think the track is winding down..  it’s not. Third Gear kicks in at the 6 minute mark and there is singing! AWESOME song that cuts off before you can even sing along. WILD. Find this track on the second disc of FoZZtone’s latest album New World released back in July of 2011. You can still buy it at Yesasia. Get warm and Fozzy over at FoZZtone’s official website. Continue reading FoZZtone- missing mass PV

Mop of Head’s Retronix Review

Mop of Head is an interesting group that blends rock with electronica and while extremely techno in sound, we get songs performed live with a full band. Awesome.

Let me preface and say that I bought a new car. A daddy mobile, Toyota Camry and had a chance for a good hour drive in my new car with the new tunes provided by Mop of Head and their album Retronix. The experience was unforgettable. Continue reading “Mop of Head’s Retronix Review”


I really would like to know who are the masked men behind FL CHE PACINO. They have a rockin’ instrumental track entitled “66 Bass” that is also rather funky fresh (I also heart bongos.) The PV gives us their names but it is still rather mysterious, especially the way they mix up their instruments so we don’t know who is really playing what? And where do you look to find out more? Fl Che Pacino’s myspace doesn’t tell me much. The twitter doesn’t give me much to go on either. I do know that their album Shades of Red is … Continue reading Who is FL CHE PACINO?