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Rie Fu experiences the 60’s in “1962” MV

Everybody dance to the psychedelic sounds of the 60’s with Rie Fu in her single “1962.” What starts with a fuzz guitar riff, gets a little bit more dancey once the beat kicks in, and you’ll understand that Rie Fu gets it.

If you want to play the “60’s” at least make it fun, so she speeds it up during the chorus to give “1962” that much needed kick.

The video takes place in some weird outdoor park/ museum exhibit. It’s freaky enough to pass for the 1960’s stoner age.

Rie Fu’s new album “I” just came out on 11.12.2014 at CDJapan.

Read all about her 10th anniversary album over at Rie Fu’s official website.

Apple Saito and the Happy Hercules Boys- “I no sentimento ME” MV

It’s time to throw back and get sentimental. Apple Saito and the Happy Hercules Boys channel their inner 60’s lovechild with the fabulous “I no sentimento ME.”

Parking what looks like a mini fiat in the middle of a field, wearing retro clothes and eating grapes and apples, these guys are totally feeling it. It’s definitely a 60’s ish pop song with twiggy guitars, quite different from their regular punk sounds.

Very cool. Buy their album Radical Boys released on 11.5.2014 at CDJapan.

Get shaken to the core at Apple Saito’s official website.

Koi wo Shiyoyo Jennys- “Yoake no Paisley Love” MV

Underneath Miwaku no Paisley Pop’s perfectly patterned Paisley shirts are wife-beater Tees. These guys also wear bandanas… and roller skates. They also don’t take themselves all that seriously in the quite humorous video for “Yoake no Paisley Love.”

I dare you not to laugh or crack a smile. Miwaku no Paisley Pop are quite sufficient in rocking and have a knack for harmonies too. But their facial expressions will probably win you over first.

Look out for this single Miwaku no Paisley Pop  to drop on 9.17.2014 at CDJapan.

Jenny Jenny who do I turn to? Koi wo Shiyoyo Jennys’ official website.


Hideki Kaji- “Ice Cream Man” MV

Another ice cream video? Sure, why not. Hideki Kaji’s “Ice Cream Man” is a retro dorky treat.

It’s like 60’s children’s pop music. Faded sun vibes and waning summer dream pop with sprinkles of doowop and children screams.

Look to CDJapan for the new album released 8.6.2014.

Hideki Kaji’s official website is serving up more.



GREAT3- “Ana to Tsuki” MV (NSFW?)

There is nothing dreamier than old Playboy magazines.. except the musical stylings of GREAT3 and their video for “Ana to Tsuki.”

Wanna see a great rack? Look out for faded naked bodies in this washing machine dream video. Plus slap on a fresh coat of zombie paint and rehash the greatness of your Dad’s old nudie mags.

GREAT3’s new song “Ana to Tsuki” is a great straight laid back country fried rocker. Reminds me of a Mathew Sweet song.

If you haven’t already, grab the album 愛の関係 or Ai no Kankei released on 3.19.2014 at CDJapan.

It only gets greater at GREAT3’s website.

Negicco- “Sunshine Nihonkai” MV

Negicco’s vacation is caught on camera in old Super 8 footage in their video for “Sunshine Nihonkai.”

You’ll never forget the beach. And if you think the video is retro 60’s, well so is the single. Strings and bells and a “Sunshine” shout out chorus is very very old school.

The title song was produced by Takao Tajima (ORIGINAL LOVE). Buy the single on 7.22.2014 at CDJapan.

Hit up Negicco’s official website and don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

柳家睦&THE RAT BONES- “Shiberu Otoko” MV

Fufufufu over the piano bridge of the single “Shiberu Otoko.” Get excited from the go-go dancers! It’s kind of a spanish guitar 60’s rock sound from 柳家睦&THE RAT BONES.

Mutsumi Yanagiya & The RAT BONES really bring a cool retro sound, that sounds like something you’d expect in a Tarantino flick. I dig it.

Look for the new album Yanagiya Mutsumi ~ autoro foku no sekai on April 1st, 2014 at

Learn more about Orginal Outlaw Folk at this blog.

Yoshiharu Abe- “One and Three Four” MV

Prepare to trip balls. Yoshiharu Abe uses color and animation to send you on a psychedelic journey in the kaleidoscopic  video “one and Three Four.”

The song also has that retro 60’s and 70’s rock sound of the Beetles meets The Who. It’s awesome of course.

This song is part of Yoshiharu Abe’s latest single “G” out 8.7.2013. CDJapan and Yesasia are great options. Expect the third single “B” to come later.. to make up R G B.

Light up your heart at Yoshiharu Abe’s official website.

Vanilla Beans- “Muscats Slope Love” MV

Vanilla Beans keep their mark for most of this one take video for “Muscats Slope Love.” That means they are standing in place the entire video doing a dance routine without moving from the same position. They might rotate around and stick out one of their long legs, but for the most part, they are as rigid as you are.

Enjoy some 60’s inspired “Muscats Slope Love” and hope for a kiss. This single dropped today on 5.8.2013 at Yesasia.

The girls get twisted like a pretzel at their official website.

Video Pantsu: Kinoco Hotel- “Noisy Baby” MV short

The bellhop beauties of Kinoco Hotel give us a peek at the highlife in “Noisy Baby.” It’s just a small look, but it’s safe to say that Kinoco Hotel can’t escape their hotel band duties.

Just don’t let the retro keyboard synth rattle your brains. The single is on the band’s latest mini album Marianne no Gyakushu slated for 5.1.2013. Preorder at Yesasia or CDJapan.

Keep one eye fixed on Kinoco Hotel’s official website.