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柳家睦&THE RAT BONES- “Shiberu Otoko” MV

Fufufufu over the piano bridge of the single “Shiberu Otoko.” Get excited from the go-go dancers! It’s kind of a spanish guitar 60′s rock sound from 柳家睦&THE RAT BONES.

Mutsumi Yanagiya & The RAT BONES really bring a cool retro sound, that sounds like something you’d expect in a Tarantino flick. I dig it.

Look for the new album Yanagiya Mutsumi ~ autoro foku no sekai on April 1st, 2014 at

Learn more about Orginal Outlaw Folk at this blog.


Yoshiharu Abe- “One and Three Four” MV

Prepare to trip balls. Yoshiharu Abe uses color and animation to send you on a psychedelic journey in the kaleidoscopic  video “one and Three Four.”

The song also has that retro 60′s and 70′s rock sound of the Beetles meets The Who. It’s awesome of course.

This song is part of Yoshiharu Abe’s latest single “G” out 8.7.2013. CDJapan and Yesasia are great options. Expect the third single “B” to come later.. to make up R G B.

Light up your heart at Yoshiharu Abe’s official website.


Vanilla Beans- “Muscats Slope Love” MV

Vanilla Beans keep their mark for most of this one take video for “Muscats Slope Love.” That means they are standing in place the entire video doing a dance routine without moving from the same position. They might rotate around and stick out one of their long legs, but for the most part, they are as rigid as you are.

Enjoy some 60′s inspired “Muscats Slope Love” and hope for a kiss. This single dropped today on 5.8.2013 at Yesasia.

The girls get twisted like a pretzel at their official website.


Video Pantsu: Kinoco Hotel- “Noisy Baby” MV short

The bellhop beauties of Kinoco Hotel give us a peek at the highlife in “Noisy Baby.” It’s just a small look, but it’s safe to say that Kinoco Hotel can’t escape their hotel band duties.

Just don’t let the retro keyboard synth rattle your brains. The single is on the band’s latest mini album Marianne no Gyakushu slated for 5.1.2013. Preorder at Yesasia or CDJapan.

Keep one eye fixed on Kinoco Hotel’s official website.


Kuwata Keisuke- “Yin Yang” MV

Sock it to me baby! Kuwata Keisuke reigns the 60′s late night variety show in “Yin Yang.”

This fabulous video shows the chaotic behind the scenes nature of a tv show, and it’s extremely retro 60′s, from the lyrics to the Laugh-In like stage. All the while we get Kuwata Keisuke crooning like a lounge singer in Vegas. Brilliant!

You gotta love everything going on too, from the hot ladies to the backup singers in weird one piece unitards to the Marty Kroft looking monsters.

Look for the Yin Yang single at Yesasia or CDJapan out on 3.13.2013.

Check out the official website for some more background info on the video.


The Captains- “Shake Hand” MV

O Captain my Captain, please shake hands with your crew! The Captains do more than that, they get right down in the audience and give all their fans warm hand shakes in their Doors-ian yo ho ho pirate song “Shake Hand.”

Pirate song? Heck, it’s what I’m going with. It’s a weird organ synth sing-a-long, that has hidden bits of techno lurking beneath its chant-y surface. Pretty fun song.

Find this buried treasure when it is released on 2.13.2013 at CDJapan.

Raise your banner at the Captains’ official website.


Youseitachi- “来夢来人” MV

All girl band Youseitachi, you say as probably “Yo Say Tachi,” says alot in their sex and violence single “来夢来人.”  I say, Winner!

It’s a very funky organ keyboard driven single, that kind of has a Kinoco Hotel vibe. It’s sexy, and the girls are dressed to the nines in shimmery busty outfits while performing. I dare you not to bounce with the keyboardist.

Plus, if you stick around to the end past the credits, we get zombies. We all love zombies.

Look for Ningen Aika to be released on 1.23.2013 at Yesasia.

Visit Youseitachi’s website for the latest and greatest and follow them on twitter!


The Jikens- “Cloudy Eyes” MV

The Jikens kind of have this mod rocker vibe going on in their first single “Cloudy Eyes.” They shake their bowl cut head of hair like the Beatles, and have that tight nit group of four feel. They even coo on some melodies nicely, yet there is a bit of shouts in the chorus that leans the Jikens a little bit into alt rock territory. Great single.

“Cloudy Eyes” is on the Jikens album Beat Happening Tonight out 12.5.2012 at

Visit the Jikens website for more retro rock fun.


Kinoco Hotel- “その時なにが起こったの?” MV short

Still looking for a last minute sexy Halloween costume? Kinoco Hotel is sporting the sexy dominatrix look, black leather, and mile high heels complete with nipple pasties. Yep, lots of eye candy in this short version of  the NQSFW Kinoco Hotel’s “その時なにが起こったの?” This is more 60′s sex organ psychedellica rock, emphasis on the piano organ you pervs.

So do you remember what happened to Lady Marianne? Let Kinoco Hotel remind you. They have a CD+DVD combo coming out 12.5.2012. It’s in your best interest to preorder at

Check in at Kinoco Hotel’s official website!


The Bohemians- “Furi Furi” Performance video

I don’t want to cause a panic or anything but “FURI FURI FURI FURI!.” The Bohemians are doing their best Little Richard meets the Doors meets the Beatles impersonation with this nervous single “フリフリ.” It’s retro and I like it.

This song is part of The Spider Beat mini LP slated for 10.3.2012. Look for it at CDJapan man!

The curtains will open at The Bohemians official website.