Sakanamon goes full TENGA promo with “Dappi” MV

Here’s a good tip, emphasis on tip, don’t look up TENGA at work. I honestly didn’t know they were a sexual health/toy manufacturer, well after watching “Dappi” by Sakanamon, I should have known better.

To be fair, their product looks like a thermos or any other random ubiquitous object.. and that’s the point. It’s looks safe and can be considered maybe healthy? Well right on. Having Sakanamon add a music track and video of the band chasing a drone of these mystery objects, adds fun and pizazz to a somewhat not typically talked about stress issue. Look I’m avoiding the word “masturbation.” There I said it.

Anyway, get your rocks off by the mountainside with “Dappi.”

Sakanamon’s new album is three dots.    …  out on 1.17.18 at CDJapan.

Get more info on their new album at Sakanamon’s official website.

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