Gourd Mountain- “Fuyu” MV

Time heals all wounds except depression caused from fights and arguments with a significant other. How’s your winter looking? Ask Gourd Mountain in their latest for “Fuyu.”

From their latest video for “Fuyu,” we see that break ups are hard and breaking glass is even harder to deal with. I will say this video pulls one over on you when you see the couple having a good time together. Then it goes into flashback black and white mode and you realize by the music that this isn’t a happy song or video. It’s all about sadness and breaking up.  Gourd Mountain have an emotional song on their hands and unload it on you just in time for Seasonal Affectionate Disorder season, winter.

Is that cold enough for ya?

If not look for their new EP. You can hear all the tracks over at their official website. Just scroll down to listen.

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