Shika no Ichizoku- “Senjin no oshie” MV

Shika no Ichizoku bubbles right underneath the surface with “Senjin no oshie” with a very bass heavy track.

You can see the ripples and and hear that bum-bum-bump, but it never really jumps out for air. The drums splash a bit and the track is free to swim where ever it wants, yet it never explodes. It’s happy right where it’s at even when it gets messy. “Senjin no oshie” teaches you about keeping a level groove and just rolling with it for over 4 minutes.  It’s super awesome.

This band is dropping a self-titled album on 1.17.2018 at CDJapan and I’m betting it’s pretty damn good. Matsuzaki Nao has a trippy vibe as lead singer and she demands your attention just so you can figure her out.

Get more info over at Shika no Ichizoku’s official website.

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