BEBOGA!(Niji no Conquistador Kigumi) wish you a Merry Christmas in latest MV

BEBOGA! (Niji no Conquistador Kigumi) go all pink for Christmas this year in their latest single “めんごっ‼~イブは色々あるのです~.”

The song “Men go ~tsu‼~ ibu wa iroiro aru nodesu ~” may create visions of cakes, candies  and other sweets dancing in your head. It’s sweet idol pop, that’s for sure. Want another Christmas gift? BEBOGA! bring back the mannequin challenge!?! And eventually they don Santa Suits in this very merry overloaded video.

Whoa. Can’t get enough of this? Find this song on BEBOGA!’s new album out Dec 19th, 2017 at CDJapan.

If you think these outfits are crazy, hit up BEBOGA!’s official website where you can see many different wild clothes.


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