Unlock Maison book girl’s “cotoeri” MV

Maison book girl use their words in unexpected ways in “Cotoeri.”

Can you decipher their message? The lyrics are subtitled in English but are rather abstract. The video uses text on screen, typewriters and sign language to help you along. Yet I think Maison book girl is always most telling in their dance. Their dance for this plucky piano piece is shifty. Shoulders rock and sway and sometimes border on convulsion. What I can gather is that “cotoeri” requires a key to unlock a dream meaning.  And I still don’t know what that meaning is.

Still “coteori” is a rather pretty song that mixes piano with modern synth and computer-ish sounds. It’s pretty awesome.

Buy this single out 12.13.2017 at CDJapan.

The girls are waiting for you over at Maison book girl’s official website.

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