Direcky keeps it as Rrr as it gets on latest Shinu Made Album (review)

Direcky’s Shinu Made album focuses on the real issues: money, power, b*tches, and dealing with fake friends and snitches.

Keepin it Rrr-eal and holding it down might also mean keeping it strapped, and Direcky blasts off on multiple tracks on Shinu Made. This nine track album is short and sweet (since two tracks are skits), but as a whole, it has an edge and grit and deserves played out in the streets.

Below watch his latest video for “Shinu Made” featuring Pablo Blasta and see why “guns up, buns up” is life. It’s safe to say that this video is NSFW. Even with self-imposed censorship, there might be a nip slip.

It’s not all fun and games, like on the track “Professional” produced by Joe Iron, which is about sticking to the target. Again, maintaining focus and avoiding distractions is a common theme.

And if you only want to hear about the distractions, there are songs like “UFO life”  where Hennessy and hentai are other-worldy escapes. Another highlight track from Joe Iron conjures up an X-files alien outer space spooky good time. Iron produced multiple tracks on Shinu Made,  so give this album a full spin, it’s smoking hot.

Do yourself a solid and download Direcky’s album from iTunes.JP right now. It dropped on 11.1.2017.

Follow Direcky on twitter.


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