T-Ace flaunts his tats in “Cho Yabai” MV

T-Ace gets some color work done on his body tats in “Cho Yabai” but that’s not the dangerous part.

It’s the ladies at the house who are super dangerous. His maid fetish is on full display, T-Ace doesn’t give a flying F. And T-Ace is looking sharp in his Calvin Klein underwear too. His tats are fully on one side of his body which is rather unique. He’s a man of mystery and style.

“Cho Yabi” is an auto-tune clapper with some flighty sped up chipmunk singing. It’s really cute and still gangsta.

Look for the album Otona. at 11.15.2017 at CDJapan.

Follow T-Ace on twitter too.

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