heliotrope- “Sanshouo to ame-chan” MV

Animated tadpoles come to evolve your party with Heliotrope’s piano sounds in “Sanshouo to ame-chan.”

This bizarre little animated video has a little bit of everything. A tadpole with that outgrows it’s jar and holds a world in its belly of ritualized dancers. It says something about evolution, I would think, but I’m too caught up in the gentle sounds of Heliotrope’s three man group. One excellent female piano player and singer and a drummer and a bass player is all you need to make “Sanshouo to ame-chan” come to life.

Very cool group which you can learn more about over at cosmicnote’s official website. Peruse heliotrope’s twitter for the latest news.

Most importantly, heliotrope’s new mini album Rain Up drops on 9.20.2017. Preup at Amazon.co.jp.

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