MAHBIE- “Space Brothers feat. 田我流,Bobby Bellwood” MV

MAHBIE makes outerspace music using sumo moves in “Space Brothers” feat. Dengaryu and Bobby Bellwood.

A hundred hand slaps seems to be the propellant for out there music and you’ll get popped with “Space Brothers” wacky charm. The music adds some beats and warped synth to a nice piano melody. It’s the rap that makes “Space Brothers” hot.  You will repeat “Make the music” and nod your head in agreement to the jams.

The video is bonkers too as this alien sumo dude seems to make rapper friends and wows with his special effect moves. Just watch this.

Look for this out on 9.9.2017 at CDJapan.

You can follow MAHBIE on twitter. Also hit up Dengaryu too.

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