REASTERISK break your manic tendencies with “Wings of Desire” MV

Come in close for RASTERISK’s new “Wings of Desire” track. Their fans encircle the group for close metal headbanging of this intense song.

Lead singer Nana starts off with a growl, but don’t confuse this with hardcore. This is straight up old school metal. Nana’s voice is so impactful, she soars and reaches high notes that even her most ardent and manic fan can’t help but submit to her charms. So even that knife wielding freak realizes that REASTERISK are amazing.

Cool video. Awesome sound. “Wings of Desire” flies through the skies with wonderful guitars and Nana’s strong voice.

Look for REASTERISK’s DEMIGOD album on 8.23.2017 at CDJapan.

Get a peek at REASTERISK’s cool album artwork over at their official website. Follow them on twitter.

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