SHO reaches “Superstar” status with AI ECO INA in new MV

See SHO mackin on the top of a range rover. “Superstar” is his vehicle for a take-over. Featuring AI ECO INA on a mad hook, one look all it took, leave you shook, Yo!

That’s as close as you’ll get to a rap from me, I’ll leave it to SHO and AI ECO INA for a fabulous pop rap track. AI ECO INA is a cutie and she has a voice that she sings out loud from over a bridge to the ocean. SHO speeds it up and slows it down on a dime on “Superstar,” and it is sure to make both artists bigger and stronger.

Keep up with SHO on twitter for where you can cop this single.  Make sure to add AI ECO INA to your twitter feed right now.

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