GIVE LIFE (feat. Sit from Country Yard)- “Invisible One” MV

GIVE LIFE come at you with a not so gentle reminder that you better not waste youth or you’ll be stuck waiting for resurrection in “Invisible One.”

And this song is fast hardcore that doesn’t change until the 1 minute mark and hits with a stomach drop that gives you about 30 seconds to pick your self back off the floor. At that point it settles into a heavy metal groove and the guitars and super nice.  BUT WAIT! That’s not all, Sit from Country Yard steps in at the end of the track and it’s just awesome. He’s barely even on this song, but it’s enough to make “Invisible One” super cool.

Yes! Look for GIVE LIFE’s EP What a Glorious Time to come out 7.26.2017. Preorder at CDJapan.

Follow GIVE LIFE on twitter and hit up their facebook page too.


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