Shonan no Kaze want you to bust it out in “Pan De Mic / Baddest” MV

It’s Friday! Time to bust a groove and spread that love of dance all around with Shonan no Kaze’s “Pan De Mic.”

It’s totally infectious and you won’t stop, can’t stop dancing to the reggae-ish dance beat. But that’s not all we get from Shonan no Kaze. We also get the military-ish song “Baddest.” So together that’s a 1-2 punch out.

“Baddest” is drill sergeant rap designed to knock you out. The video is kind of weird with mascots fighting each other. Well these were directed by Tokyo Zombies, so I guess weird stuff is their specialty!

Shonan no Kaze are dropping the album Odore on 6.21.2017 at CDJapan and it’s 1 cd + 1 DVD of goodness.

Get the latest news and schedule from visiting Shonan no Kaze’s official website.

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