tips on its side in “not not me” MV literally parks sideways in their tilted perspective video for “not not me.”

And when you drop your keys, you will be fishing for them, while the camera explores the parking lot with a side view lens. It makes the video scroll vertically and allows for some fun camera tricks in the process.

The song “not not me” is a softer song from Since they are usually known for their biting lyrics, it’s nice to hear something mostly laid back. although the rap does speed up for a great climax. Expect greatness as their seems to be a lot of involvement from other artists as producers such as Cibo Matto, PABLO a.k.a. WTF!?, ハマ・オカモト from OKAMOTO’S, 社長 from SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS and more.

The album not not me is out on 3.22.2017 at CDJapan. Read about it at this special website.

Drive over to’s official website for all the info you crave.

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