Maison book girl hop skip and upperpunch in “faithlessness” MV

Hopeless and helpless, Maison book girl dance out “faithlessness” in an almost mundane yet spectacular manner until a flying fist to the air punches the life into you.

The joy normally associated with dancing is flipped on its head and the girls of Maison book girl twirl and clap without a smile or care in this latest video. It’s oddly mesmerizing and forwards a great deal of sympathy towards them. But after lulling you with a melodica and wood chime beat, their biggest move is a hop hop uppercut fist to the air to wake you up.

Take that. Also take this: Image w/photobook out 4.5.2017 at CDJapan.

Admire the woodwork over at Maison book girl’s official website.

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