Y-Cruise Enya takes you to the toilet with “Moody Night Cruise” MV

It is truly a TP party for one when you board  Y-Cruise Enya’s “Moody Night Cruise.”

The bongos set the mood alright. The mood for an intimate setting in the bathroom. Yep, wrap yourself in toilet paper and enjoy the soft rhythms and light vocals from Y-Cruise Enya. This is one where 2-ply is recommended.

Questions you may ask:  Why is he in the bathroom? Why is there a drone flying in the bathroom? Why did he waste all that toilet paper?

Answer: I have no idea. But at least the song is chill. It will make the go that much easier.

Y-Cruise Enya’s new album also called Moody Night Cruise smells like a winner. Preup at CDJapan for a 2.22.2017 release.

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