Mitsume chills you over with “Kiri no naka” MV

It’s a tough winter in Mistume’s video for “Kiri no naka,” guaranteed to leave you with seasonal affective disorder.

When a video starts with someone dragging two bodies across a frozen landscape, there is a good chance this isn’t going to be very uplifting. “Kiri no naka” or “In the Fog” is downright sad.

While the video is mysterious, you assume those bodies are two lost friends, golden retrievers. How did they die? Who knows? Is the owner sad? I think so. He lives a hard life in the winter snow and this video shows how the main character carries on. The song is softer and very very chill. The light at the end of the video? Did the dogs come back to life? Who are those people? What is going on? I don’t know, but there seems to be some hope here in an otherwise dreary winter.

Side note: I buried my cat this winter who live 16 years. This video is giving me the feels.

Warm up to Mitsume with their album A Long Day released on 6.8.2016 at CDJapan.

Mitsume’s official website is very white and clean.


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