The Pen Friend Club- “Futari no Yuhi Line” MV

The Pen Friend Club cruise the local record shop for vintage scores with a sunshine in their step in the throwback single “Futari no Yuhi Line.”

In fact everything the Pen Friend Club does is a throwback to 60’s style. From the band’s retro patterned outfits to the old school film filter they use for the video, you’ll think you went back in time. Most importantly the group pulls off that signature 60’s sound. The xylophones, the tamborine, the sax, the chimes and the bells all ring out peace and love man! Ultimately it’s Yuka Fujimoto’s vocals that soothe the most. Lovely.

So before you sail into the sunset, look for The Pen Friend Club’s new album Wonderful World of the Pen Friend Club on 2.8.2017 at CDJapan.

Walk through valleys of flowers over at The Pen Friend Club’s official website.


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