domico roam the aisles in “Pop,Step,Junk!” MV

While zombie walking inside a local qwik mart I remember, Hey I have a music blog. Well domico was the band to get me back in gear this 2017. With the number of holidays keeping me lazy, it’s good to know that domico is easy and jaded and know I’ll get to it sometime in their just as apathetic video for “Pop,Step,Junk!”

Forget about my lack of updates and focus on this slacker rock. The lyrics are drawn out and the music is slower and heavily contrasts its overstimulized video. Together the music and video reminds me of early Beck, but with a 90’s brit rock feel. Much needed!

Soo Coo the album was released on 11.9.2016 at CDJapan. Maybe now is a good time to get it, 2 months after its release. That’s what the cool kids do. Just wait a while.

Domico’s official website has more for you. Follow them on twitter.

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