Suiyobi no Campanella conquers a Hawaii like landscape with “Kamehameha daio” MV

Suiyobi no Campanella has always been a bit alien, yet this time KOM_I is able to conquer a Hawaii type island with help of dubstep dance in the appropriately titled “Kamehamaha daio.”

That’s Kamehamaha the Great, who’s known for conquering most of the Hawaiian islands, if you brush off your history books and take a peek. Or just wikipedia that ish. KOM_I uses the power of the sea turtle and golden eggs to take over this out-of-this-world turtle island. To say the video for “Kamehamaha daio” is bizarre is an understatement, but it is engaging and fantastic, and it’s what we come to expect from Suiyobi no Campanella.

This song is currently part of a single released back in November, but you should look for it on Suiyobi no Campanella’s full album SUPERMAN out 2.8.2017 at CDJapan.

There are a few more details about the new album over at Suiyobi no Campanella’s official website.

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