Zenryoku Shojo R pound the pavement in “Girigiri shobu no Tradition” MV

Zenryoku Shojo R (Full Power Girls R) race down your roads and pound the pavement with a fist punching single “Girigiri shobu no Tradition.”

This is that high energetic idol music you’ve been missing. While the idol scene has fragmented in many ways in the last 2 years, Zenryoku Shojo R take you back to the good stuff, a high running race to the finish fast tempo rocking dancing good time. Constant moving, twirling and bouncing choreography will put a jump into your hump day Wednesday.

Even more exciting is how the video explodes towards the end. Talk about running through a mine field.

You should run to CDJapan and nab this single just released today 12.14.2016.

Meet all seven members of Zenryoku Shojo R at their official website.


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