Lick-G’s lays down on the tracks for “Trainspotting” MV

Lick-G envisions his own sequel to “Trainspotting” with a rap about cinema escape, drugs, and hip hop for life while waiting for a train to run him over as he lays down on the tracks.

He also lays down an amazing rap track (see what I did there?) over ethereal angelic sounds. Lick-G has a unique look being half British and half Japanese, and with that brings a unique perspective of the world. Right now this teenager might be enamored by movie characters like Mark Renton and Tony Montana and their f’d up lives, but as Lick-G continues to grow, I expect even more expanded views. For this moment “Trainspotting” is a great defining sound for this young man.

Can’t wait to hear more. For now look for his digital single on 12.16.2016 on  Also expect a full album to drop on 2.15.2017.

Follow Lick-G on twitter and hit up his official website.

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