Yuuka Ueno reaches her fitness goals in “Datte kimi no kanojoda mon.” MV

Yuuka Ueno is into fitness. Fit’n this candy and treats into her mouth! Yep, she battles the bulge and needs to get in shape for her new mini album dropping on Jan 11th, 2017. The date is even marked on her calendar in her video for “Datte kimi no kanojoda mon.”

It’s kind of a big deal. She wrote the songs and composed them herself. So yeah, she wants to look good and fit in her clothes for her big day. Yuuka Ueno might need some help exercising though. With an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, can Yuuka Ueno avoid temptation?

It’s a cute video and Yuuka Ueno is even cuter in her light and dark angel outfits. Expect a good time when she releases her mini album Sweet Dolce at CDJapan in 2017.

Get more news at Yuuka Ueno’s official website. Also follow her flowery escapades on twitter.

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