ONE OK ROCK drop new album details and release “Bedroom Warfare” MV

ONE OK ROCK is sleeping with the enemy in “Bedroom Warfare” and spills more details about their Fueled By Ramen upcoming album.

First off, “Bedroom Warfare” proves ONE OK ROCK are now mainstream rockers and they better blow up American radio in 2017. This song rocks with a dance beat, and you can see Taka actually almost dance. Sort of. It’s more like he’s just pumping his chest, but he’s feeling the beat. The dancers in this video do a much better job.

Speaking of the new year, that’s when ONE OK ROCK is releasing their new album entitled Ambitions by Fueled By Ramen/A-Sketch. It’s scheduled for 1.13.2017 and you can preorder from iTunes now!

One of the songs called “Take What you Want” features 5 Seconds of Summer. Another track “Jaded” featured Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low.

Here’s the biggest surprise.  Avril Lavigne is mentioned as guest on the song “Listen” if you check out CDJapan’s listing for the new album. This isn’t mentioned on US iTunes, so that would be crazy.

Get the latest US news by visiting the English section of ONE OK ROCK’s official website.

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