BOMI models and makes contact in new 「A_B」MV

When BOMI steps in front of the camera, you’ll be seeing more than just her underwear in the MV for 「A_B」.

Crazy neon symbols, waves and grids appear; it’s like early 1980’s computer effects pop up unexpectedly. BOMI must have that effect. Personally I think she’s sexier in her round glasses as she struts through the local arcade.

「A_B」 sounds like 80’s R&B pop and it’s as magic as the computer effects that float around her. The background singers really make 「A_B」 groove, and if you make it to the end of the video, you might just make contact with alien life. I’m digging this song and I’m sure it will connect with you all too.

BOMI’s 3rd album drops on 12.7.2016. Prebook over at CDJapan.

Clinch your pillow when visiting BOMI’s twitter and official website.

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