ENTH induce pounding levels of headaches in “HANGOVER” MV

Can’t remember what you did last night? It must have been a hell of a party. “OY!” it out in the head banging shout along with ENTH’s “HANGOVER.”

This is a crazy mix of punk, metal and Beastie Boy “fight for your right” type shouty lyrics that makes for one crazy single in “HANGOVER.” It’s an epic punk track that actually has melodic parts to it, but it’s best when completely manic.  You’ll end up without a stitch of clothes, running naked in the outdoors when all is over. “HANGOVER” is an amazing pile of regret you wear with a badge of honor.

ENTH and All Found Bright Lights split a record called HIKE that will drop on 11.9.2016. Make sure to watch out for ENTH and AFBL’s cover of Limp Bizkit’s cover of George Michael’s “FAITH.” Yep, go ahead and preup at CDJapan.

ENTH is from Nagoya and their website has just what you need. Follow ENTH on twitter.

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