MORNING MUSUME.’16 speak a meowth-ful in “Sexy cat no Enzetsu” (Sexy Cat’s speech) MV

MORNING MUSUME. ’16 run it up the scratch post for you with their catty single “Sexy cat no Enzetsu” or “Sexy Cat’s speech.”

For cat-ear lovers, MORNING MUSUME ’16 bring the goods, with furry ears, tails and lots of lounging around. Cats do lay around the house a lot and so do MORNING MUSUME’16. They are playful too, just watch them ruin your favorite chess game.

Most exciting is watching the girls of MORNING MUSUME ’16 pump it, pump it, pump it, hottie style in their kittie clothes. Their dance moves are legit fun. The song is a horny brass number too that matches this sexy track.

You can grab the purrfect single out 11.23.2016 at CDJapan.

Look what the cat drug in over at their official website.

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