It’s overcast in Maison book girl’s “cloudy irony” MV

The weathergirls of Maison book girl are claiming it’s cloudy with a chance of irony in their latest MV.

“Cloudy Irony” isn’t your typical idol pop music. First off, you might recognize ex-Bis Megumi Koshoj (the blonde with the short crop) as part of Maison book girl. Secondly, listen to the song. There are violins and an air of elegance and sophistication from a group of prim, proper and slightly bored girls. Thirdly, their dance movements consist of twirls and subtle aggro kicks. There is suppressed anger or sadness here. It’s not overtly violent, but there’s something emotional aching inside.

That’s intriguing and slightly mysterious and all the more reason to get excited over Maison book girl’s three track single. River floods your earholes on 11.30.2016 at CDJapan.

Jump in bed with Maison book girl at their official website. Follow them on twitter.

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