HAZY&Omeal feat. EMOTO YUSUKE- “Coffee Break” MV

If you haven’t had your daily cup of joe, then please take a “Coffee Break” with HAZY&Omeal featuring EMOTO YUSUKE.

Using jungle bongo beats, “Coffee Break” is indie hip hop with a heavy dose of cream. Hip hop is a group effort relying on each person’s signature style for verses, but when HAZY&OMEAL and EMOTO YUSUKE sing all together, it’s an even more beautiful sound. And that ending with the “na na na’s” and tinkle xylophone is caffeine ecstasy. I think I need another cup.

So wake up and follow HAZY on twitter, Omeal (YIM) on twitter and EMOTO YUSUKE too.

HAZY&OMEAL have a tumblr page where you can check out a few other songs and vids.


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