kirim reach the shore via “michi” MV

Kirim leisurely walk to the shore via a narrow path and “michi” is an 8 minute piano focused song that captures that feel.

It’s warm and starts soft. The journey is slow and the destination can wait. It’s soaking it all in. Haruka Mitsuhashi sings with eyes closed over the piano and isn’t afraid to tickle or tempt the ivories for different sounds and beats while the underlying melody stays the same. It’s quite a nice track. The backing band know how to reach that pinnacle and don’t mind waiting 7 minutes in to get to that magical sunset and crashing musical peak.

The video also does a great job of capturing this journey. Lovely song and lovely video. Enjoy!

Kirim’s Wanderlust drops on 11.9.2016 at CDJapan.

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