ANGERME sort of apologize in “Wasurete Ageru” MV

ANGERME will forget pass transgressions and old arguments and is ready to love again in “Wasurete Ageru.”

While they don’t exactly say the will “apologize,” they are willing to forget whatever happened. Was it a fight or something somebody said? Whatever, let’s move on and get ANGERME back to their fiery selves. It’s obvious they miss you.

This slinky single allows the girls to slide and slither around and even shimmy their hips with some neat choreography in the video. So that’s cool. Plus they sit very prim and proper-like too.

Look for this song on the new single Ai no tame kyo made shinka shite kita ningen ai no tame subete taika shite kita ningen out 10.19.2016 at

Meet the girls of ANGERME at their official website.

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