Zekkei Kujira cruise BMW style in “Saishin Heiki” MV

When you spend your budget on a BMW, you can bet that bimmer is in almost every shot of Zekkei Kujira’s “Saishin Heiki.”

The girls of Zekkei Kujira cruise down the highway with their convertible BMW, they park in an abandoned car lot and rock out with their BMW. It’s like it’s part of the group. I’d probably do the exact same thing! When the car tries to get hijacked, you can bet the girls fight back.

Anyway, “Saishin Heiki” doesn’t need the advertising because this song absolutely wails. The guitar solo is stunningly good and vocalist Natsuko is awesomely emotionally loud. You can totally feel it when she belts out on “Saishin Heiki.”

Expect great things from their second mini album Jidori that drops on 10.5.2016 at CDJapan.

Look for Zekkei Kujira on tour in October 2016. Dates are at their official website.




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