Sei Shiro (正志郎)- “Kioku soshitsu” feat. Banri MV

If you have trouble remembering things, tattoo them on your body. Sei Shiro spends some time in the chair on “Kioko soshitsu” featuring Banri.

I’ll tell you, getting inked on your stomach hurts. I was stupid enough to do it, but looks like Sei Shiro can handle the pain. Yet, you can see him wince a couple of times. He gets doraemon on his chest, I have a dumb dinosaur scorpion on my stomach.

Tattoos don’t make sense, but at least “Kioku soshitsu” is killing that piano melody. Banri and Sei Shiro flow with no problem on this. Cool song and you can find it out on on 10.4.2016.

Follow Sei Shiro on twitter and also check Banri’s feed too.

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