Hashiguchi Kanaderiya hugs the super ball- “Rin Rin Hi! Hi!” MV (Nanbaka OP theme)

Hashiguchi Kanaderiya has the sweet guitar licks and The Super Ball have the vocals, so what a perfect team up for the Nanbaka anime OP theme “Rin Rin Hi! Hi!”

We get a taste of the theme in the video above, I’m sure there is a full version of the song available too. Yep, sure enough you can preup at CDJapan out 10.19.2016.

The anime looks like it’s about prisoners trying to escape. The Super Ball look sharp in their butler uniforms in this video and Hashiguchi Hanaderiya looks as colorful as ever.

See The Super Ball in their natural environment at their official website. Hashiguchi Kanaderiya is always on his guitar at his official website.


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