fhána- “Calling” MV -Tales of Zestiria the X (Anime) Outro

Tales of Zestiria sounds like a battle with irritable bowel syndrome, but it’s actually an anime with fantasy swords and magic. Also magic is the wonderful Outro song for the series “Calling” by fhána.

It’s definitely more exciting than staring at your smart phone all day like the band in this video. I will say I do enjoy a good pull-away tracking shot and this video is filled with them. It just needs a lot more light as fhana is singing and working in the dark with very minimal lighting. What you’ve got to love is the rapid fire editing that happens at the end of this video. SO DAMN COOL!

“Calling” reaches levels of higher pitched vocals that I wouldn’t even attempt to try thanks to the lead singer towana’s amazing talent.   She handles it very well and “Calling” is worth checking out as a single. Find it at CDJapan on 8.3.2016.

Learn more about Tales of Zestiria HERE. Hit up fhána’s official website for more.

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