DJ KEN KANEKO blows up SnapChat with “Sunacha” feat. Ish-One and Young Hastle MV

It’s good to know that DJ KEN KANEKO, Ish-One and Young Hastle embrace technology and phone apps. Of course LINE is big in Asia, but I think these guys really like SNAPCHAT as evidenced by their latest “Sunacha.”

While they make it blatantly clear they wish for you to snapchat that P*SSY, you can also leave loving messages. Or you can video yourself in the club with someone else and piss off your boyfriend or girlfriend.  So the good thing is that this song is hot. SNAP SNAP goes the song with its horny beep beeps. Plus Young Hastle makes every rap song great whether he is rapping or just flexing his muscles.

This single dropped on 5.27.2016. Score it at iTunes.JP NOW.

DJ KEN KANEKO is also a muscular dude. Check out his twitter.

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