CHIN-HURTZ- “Kaizoku no uta” MV

LAND HO! CHIN-HURTZ is blasting pirate jams with their party rocker “Kaizoku no uta.”

Yaaaar! Ye never heard such a rocking hip hop jam come from the depths of Davy Jones’ locker. “Kaizoku no uta” is dope but it’s also a cool ass Lego/Minecraft like video. All these video game looking characters are built from computerized bricks and carry quite a pirate look and feel.

My favorite part? Is it rapping to an octopus? Is it wilin’ out on an island? Nope. It’s finding that treasure booty among a bunch of dancing skeletons. Aye aye Captain!

Production by PUNPEE is always on point. Score CHIN-HURTZ 12″ at diskunion. It was released on 6.15.2016.

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