KOHH’s fine line between “Business and Art” MV

Easy come easy go, KOHH draws a line with money in “Business and Art.”

It seems all about the art, if you’ve seen a few of KOHH’s videos. Yet, the man needs to afford his tats and grill, so he can’t ignore the money aspect of it, and so “Business and Art” wrestles both ideals.

The video is a flashy trip of blue and reds that will make your head swim. If he was going for psychedelic or psycho-delic, he succeeded with both. The creepy church synth and piano also add a layer of religious vibes to an already heady subject. “Business and Art” is a repetitive thinker to keep you up at night.

The sequel to DIRT, DIRT II is out next week on 6.17.2016 at CDJapan and is a 2-CD set. The imagery on KOHH’s website makes DIRT II look rather explicit.

Make sure to follow KOHH on twitter.

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