Shida Summer Arai Summer- “Shakunetsu Summer SUMMER King x SUMMER Queen” MV

Summer! It turns me upside down. Summer Summer Summer..gets even more summery with Shida Summer Arai Summer and their beach bash “Shakunetsu Summer.”

That first bit was an reference to the Cars’ “It’s Magic” song, but this video is full J-pop Avex glory. These two girls Shida Yuumi  and Arai Hitomi are straight up representing summer 2016 by kicking the water on the beach and getting lai-ed with flowers and rocking shades. Yet there is a mysterious paper wall of X and O they bust through that you really don’t get a grasp of what choosing the X or the O means until the end of the video. It’s pure AWESOMENESS.

The song “Shakunetsu Summer” is full energy dance, so stay hydrated out there.

If you can’t get enough of the sun’s rays, then grab their single out 7.6.2016 at CDJapan.

Make a splash by following Yuumi Shida on twitter. Follow Hitomi Arai of Tokyo Girls Style on twitter too. Read more about Shida Summer Arai Summer at their official Avex page.

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