laser beam the pounds away with “Subliminal Diet” MV

With the hyper deluxe fast great diet machine (which looks like like DJ Gonchi) you can fire lasers at your unwanted fat! Just check out’s “Subliminal Diet” MV and anorexaway the weight and order today!

You might as well throw exercise and supplements out the window, This Gonchi Beam 3000 DX is head and shoulders above the rest. The way she brings the club dancers out, that sweat helps drop the pounds too to the point of disintegration. The CGI in this video is super disturbing which you’d expect from subvertors

“Subliminal Diet” is actually a hot pop track too with a very catchy chorus.

Look for their album Aidoro C on 3.2.2016 at CDJapan.

Get more at their official website.

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