4TE send you straight to voice mail with “Leave a Message” MV

4TE are straight up delinquent in 2016, tagging your Facebook feed with spray paint cans and spreading graffiti teasers.  It’s all in fun as 4TE prepares to release their new single on 1.20.2016 “Leave a Message.”

It seems like boys be blowing up their phone and stuff, so 4TE respond the best way they know how.  They send you straight to voice mail and probably won’t respond to your texts either. Damn that’s cold. Luckily, their latest jam in hot!

Chii, Jenny, Micchi, and Mei nix the ring ring rings and push the beep beep beeps in an exciting electro pop track. They even shake it with a well choreographed dance routine. This might be the first time all the girls were together for a vid?!!  “Leave a Message” pushes the bad girl image and it’s pretty cool.

Keep up with their latest promo images of 4TE on Facebook and text your friends when their new website launches.




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